What was the 2nd worst game of all Time


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I know that theres an entire landfil full of copies of ET. What game comes to a close second ? In my opinion the second worse game of all time would have to be wall street kid on the NES. My mom thought she would be nice one time and bought a copy of this game to give me as a present. The game was pointless with corny names for companies. And oh yeah what guy smiles after a family member dies?


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I would probably have to vote for the CD-i Zelda games... Those were some of the crappiest titles ever, at least they werent made by nintendo!


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First of all what is ET? Second what are the CD-i Zelda games?

Yeah I guess I'm having a DUH moment....nothing new as you'll notice in the future.

Loved the regular Zelda stuff so hope you don't mean those?


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E.T. was a movie... which was rushed into release for the Atari 2600 right before the movie came out... the game was really BAD... and so highly produced because of its title, that the game was reportedly bought back from retailers and they filled a landfill with them!

The CD-i Zelda games were made by Phillips, for there CD-i game machine... really horrible titles


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Superman was too hyped for as crappy of a game as it was. Jur***ic Park on the Sega CD was a pretty horrible game, too.


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I would have to agree on E.T. that game did completly horrible. The gameplay was horrid you walk arround an try to put together somekinda communicator? i played for a few mins a quit.


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Probably can't be considered one of the worst games ever, but Super Mario Sunshine gets my vote for most overrated. What a piece of garbage.


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The only bad thing about mario sunshine was the blie coins... Best Camera system ever!!! Most people complain about F.L.U.D.D., I think it was a nice adition to the game. Chage things up a bit... I think it made the fluddless stages more fun.