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Game Cube What was GC lacking?


Registered Member
I know the GC was lacking a lot of things.. so I'll list some off:

1. Music Uploading.. sure it couldn't be done with the small disks.. but still.
2. Good FPShooters. Metroid Prime and Echoes, if you call them FPS', are the only good ones imo. That's pretty sad.
3. Mature Zelda.
4. Rare
5. Pilot Wings sequel! Man, it could have been awesome.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Sports games
Shooters (Metroid doesn't count)
Online play
Hard drive


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I never played it, but I know it was lacking in release time. By the time it came out, CD based consoles were already out. So it was no big deal when just another one came out and just happened to be made by Nintendo. Whooptidoo, another CD system!


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they werent cds, technically. also, the only good ideas win this generation were from gamecube. wireless controllers, portable game connectivity. sure it was missing online support, but other then fps's what games are really that good online yet.
It still would have benefited from more online play. Double Dash would have been a hit, I'm sure.
I don't think it really lacked anything hardware-wise, though. I don't care if my videogame console can play CD's and DVD's. I already have a CD and DVD player, as I'm sure most people do as well. I do think that the Cube was sorely lacking in 3rd party support, though. There are so many great games out on Xbox and PS2 that I wished had been ported.


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All Nintendo needed was some decent 3rd party support. What Nintendo did get was crappy ports of playstation titles, and remakes...


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it also lost most of its 2nd party support midway through its life span. that didnt help it much either.