What type of shopper are you...


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What kind of shopper are you while buying clothing? Are you they type of shopper that as to try everything on to see how it looks and if it fits well?? Or are you the type of shopper who's like "this looks good" and just buys it without trying it??


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I always try before I buy. I wouldn't want to try it on at home, see it doesn't fit or suit me and then have to take it back. I don't enjoy shopping so I like to make it as easy as possible.
I try it on if I have time, but normally I want to get out of there as quick as possible. Depends on what kind of clothing it is and how confident I am that I won't have to take it back, as well.


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I never ever try clothes on. If I like something I'll check what size it is and if it's the same size as the other clothes I currently have in my closet then I wont hesitate in getting it. I love to have new clothes but really I hate shopping for it. So I'm a speedy shopper, I can buy 6 different shirts in less then 10 minutes usually...sometimes in 2-3 different stores lol.


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I'm a mixture of both, if I know I'll like it on, I'll just buy it off the rack, however if I'm not too sure about it, I'll go and try it on first before I purchase it.


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I would only try it on if it is a dress I am buying. For other clothes... No. I cannot be bothered... If I like the style, and the size looks right, I get it. Never went wrong.


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I.hate.shopping. but when I do buy myself something, I know it'll suit me so I just buy it, I just can't be bothered trying it on.


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I think it's easier for guys not to try things on, because there are only really a couple different styles, so if they know it looks good on them, they can just find their size and they're good to go. But for chicks, there are a million different fucking styles of clothing, different cuts with poofy bits in different places, so it makes it impossible, for me at least, to just go into a store, pick something up and buy it. I have to try everything on first, to make sure it fits.


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I don't shop which avoids any of this because I hate shopping. I despise trying things on but as of late I hadn't known what size was fitting me because I kept losing weight and had to try things on over the xmas break so now I know and of course don't need clothes for some time now unless these become too big too so no shopping for me.


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I'm super picky about my clothes, so I must try it all on. It has to be super comfortable. :) And I'm hyper sensitive on my upper body for some reason. So if a shirt's seams are rough, I won't buy it. If the collar itches, no can do. I can't even wear cashmere on my bare skin because it's too itchy.