What type of drunk are you?


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What type of drunk are you? Are you an angry drunk? Are you a person that talks a lot when they get drunk? Are you a person that does stupid things when they get drunk. ECT.

What type of drunk are you?


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Well, i'm just your typical drunk. Just ask anyone in chat. I open up more when Im drunk, and i'm pretty sure i'm a little more fun. I'm not that annoying drunk, and i'm not the really drunk drunk. Im the in between one, where everyone is my friend drunk. Does that make any sense at all?

EDIT: I also wrote this drunk, so I guess i'm also the person that is drunk quite often :cute:
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I'm pretty talkative. I laugh a lot. I am definitely more outgoing than I normally am. :) It's a good time. (Unless I go overboard.. Kons doesn't appreciate that much, since he is the one that has to take care of me. Haha.)

I really hate it when people get drunk and just cry the whole time. Emotional drunks are the worst.


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I can get angry if someone pisses me off, but I never get physical. Mostly though I can be pretty obnoxious or a happy drunk.


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I'm more talkative when I'm drunk and I joke around and laugh a lot. I don't get all emo or angry or anything. I have done some pretty stupid things, but I'm not really that different when I'm drunk than when I'm sober.
I think I'm pretty much like Lauren. I'm pretty silly when I'm drunk, I just look to have a good time and hopefully have other people have a good time. I do talk more (who doesn't) and I definatly do some stupid things at times. I think I've gotten emo maybe once or twice drunk, but for the most part I'm the friendly/happy drunk.

I think? Haha


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I'm always the "friendly" drunk, telling everyone how much I love them and how great they are. I also get very silly, like Bryan and Lauren.
Sometimes drinking just makes me really sleepy, but that's pretty rare and only when I really didn't feel like going out in the first place.

I'm definitely more out-going after a few. I do silly things and don't really care what anyone thinks, and then usually regret that the next day. I feel like saying everything I hold back due to shyness or politeness or whatever when I'm sober :lol: That doesn't always go down too well.


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Like most people I'll open up more while drunk. I've never been a violent person...whether drunk or sober.

I'm normally fairly out-going anyways but alcohol makes it even worse/better.


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Drinking brings the ghetto out for sure...language and everything changes, when drinking turns to drankin' something is about to pop off because i myself am not an angry drunk but the people i drink with might be...but we have fun and if things get out of hand we just roll another one