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What type of cell phone do you use?


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One of my phones have the old fashioned sounding ring and the other has the most annoying chirping sound, my daughters picked it out and I keep saying I'm going to change it, but I forget until it rings again!:lol:
Both are serviced through Verizon, more from lack of time to shop around than any other reason.
The only person who's texts I answer are my oldest daughters, I figure if someone wants to talk, then they can call me.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..Well Dawn has one(a cingular something?) and i'm trying to talk her into letting my ring tone be the one from the new Foamy the Squirrel episode..."Cell Phones & Car Ads"...

"Hey!!!! Follow the sound of my voice and kill whoever is holding the phone!":lol:

I just love foamy..:nod:

It would be so funny to call her while she is in a meeting...:lol: :lol:

You can see more Foamy at: iLL WiLL RreSS or Friends Of Foamy...:D

BTW.......Dawn said yes!!! She thinks it's funny..And so me..


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I use Sprint PCS. I have a Samsung Flip phone. It can connect to the internet if I wanted it turned on. I just have all of the standard stuff that comes with the phone. There were so many rings I still have used all of them yet.


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If I were going to have a special ring tone I'd want one that sound's like the phone in "Our man Flint"


Wanna play?
I wouldn't mind having The Brady Bunch theme music on mine!! Here's a story of a lovely lady.......


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Cell phone we have is a Nokia 6010 thru T-Mobil. Plus T-Mobil is running that deal right now for 1,000 anytime minutes for $39.95/mo. I think it's on their website too. They're offering a few different ones to pick from for free when you sign up for the service. Been VERY happy with the phone service & with the customer service.


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Ours service is Cingular. We have those little Sony Ericcson Cam phones but I don't know how to download my pics so that part is really useless. I'm not very tech savvy in case you all haven't noticed. I think maybe Cingular is a $pricey$ $crappy$ service but I'm strapped for 2 yrs so have to deal with it. At leaset I can say that most of my family uses the same service so I save lots on long distance!