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TV What TV shows do you watch?


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Pretty much all I ever watch is Adult Swim. Mostly Family Guy.


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South Park
Family Guy
Looney Toons
Hogans Heroes

Not into any of the new shows.. usually found gaming and not watching TV.


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I haven't watched TV in ages (just don't seem to have the time), but when I did watch it, I would watch King of the Hill, Family Guy and some Despirate Housewives.


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ltk9492 said:
YEAH BOIIIII!!!! Robot Chicken is the Shist!
Hell Ya! Ive got all 20 episodes :D I laugh my butt off everytime I see them:lol: Also, I am about to finish watching sCRYed. It started off pretty good and started getting better, but the ending got a little week.

The last anime series that I saw was Hellsing...OMG Amazing fun! Anyone have any suggestions on what I should see next? I was thinking about Trigun(saw a few episodes) Lain, or Berserk.


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Can't believe I haven't posted here yet either.

recently / regularly:

Walker Texas Ranger (reruns)
Dawson's Creek (reruns)
Yes Dear


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Identification with main character, it's actually a watchable "soap opera", film quality, some interesting plotlines here and there, change of pace from the way teens are normally portrayed, ....... ..... ..... Hot leading female (Katie Holmes), but then gain I'd take Jean Louisa Kelly from Yes Dear over her any day :)


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my friend's friend looks like Vanderbeek. if you call him James/Vanderbeek he gets really pissed/pissy about it, so me and my bro try to do it all the time.


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I've recently added another TV show to my "I want to see list, but usually don't cause my son has control of the remote (man-in-training - lol)"

King of Queens

Oh, that show is hilarious! It's on late night for me (reruns), and I have been catching it. The humour in it isn't too over the top, but I just cry sometimes because I am laughing so hard. Funny cause I remember the chick from Who's the Boss. She was Sam's friend? Correct me if I'm wrong - but I'm pretty sure it was her.