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Pretty easy question. What current television show should become a TV show? Here's two shows that I'm sure no one will disagree with Prison Break and 24. I think those two shows would be great movies. Anything else comes up to mind??


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24. But I'm kinda bummed about that show, you know? Considering I didn't get to see this season cause they ruined it, and I'm mad about it.
- The Shield. A fantastic show that I can see being the next Lethal Weapon. Set in an urban area of course. The TV show actually seems like a mini-movie at times.

- Twilight Zone. Tons and TONS of these episodes can easily be made into movies. Each show gives you a different reality and that could make for a great movie. Hey, you can even have two extended (1 hour shows) to form a movie. They did that with... ugh... That car movie and that zombie movie by Quentin Tarantino. Hmm... Deathproof & Grindhouse.


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I wouldn't have minded seeing an Earth 2 Movie or even a Roseanne movie but I think that second one is long out of sight. Basically, any of the classic sitcoms, Family Matters, Full House, etc. Even some of the newer stuff like That 70s Show, Dharma and Greg, etc.


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For me it's Prison Break and I believe it would be so easy for them to make a movie out of it because of the current storyline. If they ever do one, then I'll defenitely go see it the first day because I know it would be so awesome.


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A new buffy film. Cause ive sean some of the comics for season 8 and they should have just carried on with the show or just make a movie!
Roseanne movie but I think that second one is long out of sight

I would never imagine anybody picking that show. I mean, it was a good show, but did you see the final episode? Spoiler alert:

Roseanne came out of her "fantasy" life and to find out Dan died, Becky married David and Darleen (?) married Mark. Some crazy twist that last episode.

I don't see how they can recover from THAT. -_-;