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What TV series are you currently watching?


Embrace the Suck
Golden Girls. What a funny show. The four girls feed off each other so damn well. Me and three of my friends once dressed up as the Golden Girls for Halloween and we were the biggest hit at the bar.
They do, but it’s very well written. Golden Girls was a great show.


Registered Member
Currently rewatching The Walking Dead and Supernatural.

Both shows with a ton of seasons that are much better in their first few seasons than in later ones.

For TWD, I'm not there yet on this watch, but
as someone who read the graphic novels, I really wish Carl was still alive and now the main character. I kinda stopped watching when he died, before the time jump.

As for Supernatural, I wish the show was more serialized. I don't completely hate the arcs that they go through, but there's a ton and they get more and more ridiculous. I would love a show in that universe that just chronicles a random but talented hunter.


Embrace the Suck
Just started watching Clickbait on Netflix. It’s pretty good.