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Movies What true story movie blew your mind?


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There's a lot of movies out there based on true events, which one really impressed you?

For me, two movies come to mind and that is Hotel Rwanda and Zero Dark Thirty.

I do understand that some events might've been altered in Zero Dark Thirty to add dramatization and effect but I really enjoyed the movie because it provided an insight on how he was caught and what people went through in order to finally capture Osama Bin Laden.


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I've seen true story movies like Hotel Rwanda, coach Carter, Remember The Titans, The Impossible, and the End of the Spear.

I don't want to sound cliche here but they all blew my mind in different ways. Usually true events that are worth putting in a movie are pretty significant. The one that blew my mind the most has to be The Impossible. The movie captured true events that I was not even aware of and displayed them perfectly.

I agree that Hotel Rwanda is shocking, that would have been my next pick.


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Hotel Rwanda is definitely worth a mention here. But there was one film I recently mentioned in another thread that I really liked more than I thought I would. The fact that it was based on real life events made it all the more shocking, and the story itself is just an amazing drama filled plot. that movie would be The Changeling. Really shocking story/movie that was.


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I'm gonna go and ruin the proper movies theme here and go with The Vow. Ugh I just have a lot of feelings and so did that movie, and for it to then be a true story EVEN with the happy ending was just ugh tears everywhere. #chickflicks4lyf


Changeling was based on a true story and that movie basically scarred me for life. It was too intense, I could hardly watch it and I don't plan on watching it again.

Also Schindler's List was pretty hard to watch sometimes.


I don't think any movie has ever "blown my mind", but there are definitely a few that I've really enjoyed.

Almost Famous
The Last King of Scotland
Walk The Line
Saving Private Ryan
Boogie Nights
Donnie Brasco

Just to name a few.


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Schindler's List and The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas.
It didn't so much as impress me, it really just amazed me that people could ever be treated that way. Those movies have always touched me deeply.


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The Pianist was probably one of my favorites. Hard to remember some of the others that I've seen. I still need to see Hotel Rwanda. I've been meaning to watch that for a while.


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The Pianist was probably one of my favorites. Hard to remember some of the others that I've seen. I still need to see Hotel Rwanda. I've been meaning to watch that for a while.

That is a good movie too. I just saw that movie not to long on Netflix. It really puts things into perspective as far as how the people were treated. It was very unfair they were just average people trying to live their lives. Just because they were Jewish, it's just wrong.
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'Catch Me If You Can' did. I was amazed at how much he got away with and the way he did it. He was an intelligent young man for sure. I must watch that again.
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