What to wear?


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Me and my one friend were in a production of an independent film about a year ago and I got a call from one of the production crew. She said that since I was part of the production, I can come to the movie premiere and walk down the red carpet. So my friend got the call to and gave me a call and we are both going to to the premiere. Now the next thing is what to wear? I never walked down the red carpet before. Any celebrities in here that can give me any advice?


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truthfully wear whatever you feel is YOU and that you think is good for the event....don't be a poser and dress to impress when being yourself is part of what landed you the role


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Wow, that was close. I almost started a new thread.

I am going on one of those 4 hour afternoon/evening buffet/dinner cruises. My spiffy white Captains outfit went missing at the airport.

What should I wear?

I would like to wear shorts sandals and t shirt and the hell with it. But if I am to impress new wimmins I must conform.

Help. What should I wear?


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Something formal (like what you'd wear to attend a wedding) for a red carpet event. It doesn't have to be designer bling bling nor tuxedo stuff. :lol: Rent a suit maybe?