What to do if a friend is taking advantage of me?


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How much is too much when you believe that a friend is taking advantage of you? Are you the kind of person that would put a stop to it in a hurry or let it keep happening in fear of losing this friend?

How would you exactly handle this if it's a friendship of over 30 yrs?


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With a long time friendship I might let it slide if it only happened once or twice but if it was getting to be a regular thing I would have to say something. Of course first I would let them know their friendship was important to me, if it was, but then I would have to ask what is going on, listen to them, and tell them how it was making me feel. See if things could be resolved and if not maybe take a break from each other or end the friendship.


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I would be disappointed at first, but for me it's bad if it becomes a consistent thing. If it's a one time thing sort of situation? I let it slide. I'm genuinely a very nice person to a fault as most would say. But overall it wouldn't bother me, and it also depends on which friend. I have friends that I'd probably let it slide, and those that I probably wouldn't.


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30 year friendship? I would give them some space and then go out someplace for a dinner or something fun. During the time together I would mention, kindly, how they were making me feel. My next actions would depend on their own. If they got upset, and showed no empathy, I would throw a false apology or change the subject or something. No need to escalate. If they gave me a reason, or asked questions, I would know that my friend cared about my feelings. From there it's much easier to work out the issue or agree to disagree.

30 years is too long to give up.


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Difficult decision. Does this friend really need the help? Are they taking advantage of you just to make life easier for them or are they truely needy? And how much can you afford to help them? Is it harming you or is it just a matter of pride, knowing that you are being taken advantage of? Ultimately you need to decide for yourself what to do; is there a good reason for letting it go on? And I would speak to them, in a nice way, if you think their actions are not really needed.
If a friend was taking advantage of me, I wouldn't be that worried about losing the friendship if I put a stop to it because if he or she is taking advantage of me a lot, then they're not a true friend for me.