What to do about bad judges?

"Random acts of violence against public transit users will not be tolerated", said a Calgary judge in sentencing a woman to four-and-a-half years in prison for pushing a senior citizen onto CTrain tracks, causing her to break her back.

After hearing arguments last week, provincial court Judge Harry Van Harten reluctantly sentenced Favel to the lengthy term, giving her a six month discount from what prosecutor Doug Taylor had proposed because of the offender's sincere apology to the victim, Rozalia Meichl, 64.

"It is an unhappy day for this court when it must sentence a young Indigenous offender to a lengthy prison period," said Van Harten.

The judge noted Favel is a "classic victim of trans-generational trauma, having been the victim of sexual abuse and growing up in foster care."

But Van Harten said "in a city the size of Calgary, public transit is vital" and the need for deterrence overshadows the offender's "sad personal circumstances."

Stephanie Favel pleaded guilty in March to aggravated assault for shoving a 64-year-old Calgary resident onto the LRT tracks at the Victoria Park/Stampede station. She was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. (Stephanie Favel/Facebook)

Originally charged with attempted murder, Stephanie Favel pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and admitted to shoving Meichl, a total stranger, onto the tracks and into the path of an oncoming train at the Victoria Park/Stampede Park LRT station in November 2018.

Video surveillance from the CTrain platform shows an angry Favel, who is high on crystal meth and drunk, shove Meichl onto the tracks as a train approaches.

Meichl landed on her back and neck, suffering a spinal fracture. She is now confined to a wheelchair which the judge described as a "true tragedy to the victim."
Judge Van Harten feels it's a sad day for the court when they have to sentence a young indigenous person to a "lengthy" sentence. I can't help but wonder what the sentence would have been if it had been a loved one of his who would have to live paralyzed and in pain for the rest of their lives because some meth head decided it would be fun to push them in front of an oncoming train. This was a clear case of attempted murder and no pleas for lesser charges should have been permitted on the basis of race, addictions, having a rough childhood, or any other such nonsense. This is just one of many examples of left wing-nut judges turning perps into victims and ignoring the true victims. My heart goes out to the family of the woman who was pushed and I pray some form of justice prevails in this case. Perhaps the karmic variety since the courts seem to be becoming increasingly useless.


What can be done about this crap? These kinds of judges should be disbarred. To be honest I'd like make Van Harten and those like him "victims of trans-generational trauma". This is bullshit. In 4 and a half years this crazy bitch is going to be out and how long after that is she going to get stoned and look for another cold-blooded form of entertainment?
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