What time do you normally go to bed?


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My bed times have been all over the place for the last year basically. When I was working last summer I had to get up really early (about 4.45am) because my job was an early start so I would go to bed about 9pm, 10pm at the latest. Then when I went to college and moved away from my parents house my bed times went crazy and I was going to bed at like 1am or 3am and now I'm back home for the summer but working a later shift in my job my bed times are pretty late, average about 1am.

What about everyone else?


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During the weeks when I have to get up for work the next day, around 11pm, but i'll usually be in bed an hour or so before that either reading or watching a dvd. During the week when I have to get up even earlier to go to the gym before work, i'll usually be in bed around 9 or 10pm. Weekends vary depending on how tired I am and what i'm doing, so anywhere between 11pm and 5am.


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I got to bed around 4am and get back up at 7:30 or 8am. I don't sleep all the well. I am the ultimate night owl.

All i need is the fangs and immortality cause I already have the lifestyle.


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I go to bed past midnight, daily. The only reason I'd be in sleeping before that is if I'm not feeling well or I'm extremely tired that day. My usual bed time is between 2-3am.


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Depends on how I feel, but its rare for me to me in bed much before 2 AM weekdays, and anywhere from 2am onwards at the weekends.
I go to bed at around two but wont actually sleep till around three then up at 7 for work, or if its the weekend up at 7 with the wrecking ball.

Sleep is something that I have a hard time with.
I could spend ages talking about this, because it depends on so many different things. If I don't feel like going to bed then I won't. If I have to be up reeally early and I'm not tired then chances are I'll just stay awake and then sleep later on. During exam periods I don't sleep at night at all. If I'm busy the next day then a reasonable time to go to bed is 1/2am. If I'm doing nothing then its usually from 2-5am, average 3/4.

tl;dr - 3/4am. I much much prefer being awake at night to being around in the morning.

For the past month or so I've been trying to go to bed earlier, around half 1/2. I usually just end up lying awake though, which can get frustrating and make it worse.


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I usually go to bed between 4-5 AM, unless I have to work early (which is fortunately a rare occurance). The earliest I can force myself to go to bed is 12:00, but that is something I would only do if I had to, and I would most likely have to take something in order to fall asleep.


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Oh and I go to bed later when I can't say abrupt goodbye to people I'm chatting with at ym. *coughbexcough*

I wake up at 7 but since it's vacation time, even the kids stay in bed late so I don't need to wake up that early.