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What time did/does school start?


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The start time for school used to (and may still) rule our lives. There's no way to ever forget it.

When did your school start when you were a kid? If you're still in school when does it start?

K-7th grade - 8:30am
8th grade - 7:45am
9th-12th grade - 7:10
College - Typically 12:30pm or later (though I've had earlier classes)

The one that I really just hated was the high school start time. I had to get up at 6:15 to make it to school on time on a regular day. To make it even better I had to frequently attend club meetings that were scheduled for sometimes up to an hour before school started. I also had 4:30am wrestling practice on occasion, nothing is worse than getting up just to work your body that early in the morning.

What time did/does your school start?


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It was the same time for me from first grade to 8th grade...and that was 7:45.

I believe it was the same in high school as well. Unless I am forgetting. It ended at 2:30 as well.


Sally Twit
I only remember high school and that was 8:45am. I'd have to get a school bus and I'd be the one who got in trouble if it was late. I really hated the way the teachers would react sometimes. It's the driver's fault!


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Primary school was 9am - 3pm, but we had to be on the school premises by about 8:45 ready for registration at 9am.

Secondary school was the same in the morning, but finished at 3:55pm, which I always thought was a bit random.


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Wow, Amy, that is really late. But could it be because the sun rises so late in your winters, so it's too dark for kids to go to school? Seems really late for me. What time would you come out of school then?

School for us from 1st till 7th grade started at 07:30 and we got out at 13:30
School from 8th till 12th grade stated at 07:15 and got out at 14:00

The early hours does make sense. It's to allow parents to drop you off before being at work for around 8am or 8:30am, I guess. Plus, it teaches you to get up early for when you enter the work force one day.


Sally Twit
We got out at 3:15pm I think it was. It could have been 3:30 or 3:45, but it was definitely before 4pm.

I am not really sure of the reason why it was that time. But it isn't late to me because that is the time I start work now as well.


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That's really interesting Amy. Even work here starts 8am, and you're expected to be at work before that. But I vaguely remember working 9 to 5 when I was in the UK. To think, I have a 07:30 meeting every Monday morning, and a one hour minimum commute to work, then work till 5pm with an hour 30 minutes commute back home. I feel like I live in a communist country all of a sudden. :lol:


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I went to two Catholic schools and a public school through the years.

1-10th grade were all the same because of archdiocese had the same hours int he whole city. We started school at 8:30 and got out at 3:00 or 3:15. I can't specifically remember.

When I moved to my second high school it started at 9:00 and ended at 3:15.


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All Australian schools except for Universities start at 9am and finish roughly between 3pm to 3.30pm, depending on the school.


All Australian schools except for Universities start at 9am and finish roughly between 3pm to 3.30pm, depending on the school.

I liked that school started at 9am throughout all primary school and high school. I don't think I'd like it if it changed around depending on my year level.

At Uni I start at anything from 9:30am to 5:30pm.