What thing makes you mad the most...


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What one thing that your parents do or say to you that makes you the most frustrated?



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Just one thing :lol:

Well, I don't live with my parents any more, so the frustration factor dropped significantly since then.

But when I was at home, it really used to bug me how they'd say I could tell them anything, and they wouldn't judge me on it or disapprove (as I got older, not when I was a kid). When I did tell them, and I'd done something say, not quite legal, or not how they would do something, i'd get that disapproving eyebrow raised look, and a good 'talking to'. Hypocrites.

Another was that mum would always have to do the vacuuming/hoovering first thing on a sunday morning. Usually i'd just crawled home a few hours earlier and really didn't want to hear that droning sound :shake:
i love my parents a lllooottt but they can get frustrating <3 especially the mother. The most annoying thing is probably how you just can't win with her. she doesn't listen to your side of the story and puts emotion before logic with everything.


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My mom is an alarmist who's always sure that the sky is falling. My dad is a wall hanging who sits there looking like he wishes it would.


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There's a lot of things that make me mad about my parents. One of the biggest things is my dad's lazyness, I could go on and on about how lazy he is. Especially the simple things that he could easily do by himself, but doesn't.


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What one thing that your parents do or say to you that makes you the most frustrated?

Well I don't live with them anymore, but when I did live with them, the one thing that always got under my skin was "As long as you live here, you'll do what I say"

That crap used to get annoying.


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My mom repeating the same stories to me even though I interrupt to let her know she already told me.

My dad's hypocritical super religious ways.
Repeating the same question twice asking it right infront of them. Then my mother would snap that I shouldn't treat her like a child.


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When I lived at home my mum would tell me to do something a million times. It's like she forgot she told me already so she'd keep telling me again randomly.

As for my dad when I used to speak on the phone to my friends or boyfriend he would make silly noises down it. He sometimes used to pick up the other phone and shout hello. It was funny at first but after the first few times it really bugged me.