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what the f**k is up with girls?!!!


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What the f**k is up with girls/women? Why do they always rely on assumption and expect guys to just "get" everything that's going on in their damned heads? Like when I'm talking to a girl online, and then suddenly she leaves, and then when I try to find out what's wrong she's all avoidant and everything and acts like I'm supposed to know what's going on, even though there was no evidence in the conversation of anything that was wrong in the first place. And what's up with this "honesty" thing? Girls always want guys that are honest, and yet as soon as you're being honest with them, they don't f**king believe you? And then what the f**k is up with these girls wanting nice sensitive guys, but then as soon as one comes along, it's like that's not enough and they're "too nice". They want nice but not too nice, you're nice but not too nice, but then they can't carry conversation because you're "nicely" giving them a lot of room to talk asking about THEM all the time instead of talking about yourself, but then they don't say anything, and when you finally DO decide to take over, suddenly you're too pushy and "don't have a life", and then suddenly it's BAD to talk too much, even though you were never really intending to talk too much in the F**KING FIRST PLACE, and then when you try to ask them about it, they avoid you, and you tell them that they could have just been upfront with you in the first place, but then they get all mad at you and think you're a creep, but then they finally come forward and tell you what they were doing, then you're like "oh GOD DAMMIT!!! well you could have told me that in the FU*KING FIRST PLACE WOMAN!!!" and then you feel all bad because you've had to become a very not nice person just to figure out what the f**k this damned woman wants, and then you try to be nice and meet girls out in public, but you can't do that either because you never quite know when you're going to run into another pshyco ass B*TCH... and then day after day you become more alienated from women and it gets to the point where you can barely even look at them, like you can't even make eye contact anymore, and then you get all paranoid and introverted and end up back online again, just to find out that there's all these other girls out there who are "supposedly" nice but they live so far away they might as well be in another f***ing universe, and then you're just sad and depressed again and it's like "AHHH why do I gottA BE SURrounded with nothing but STupdi as s fu*king BITCHS!!!???" and you like.... "damn!" I hate girls. I hate um all!" but then you think a little more and realize tht "I hate guys too!! damnnit WTF? I hate everybody!!!" dammit I cant get anywhe...

and then you just run around in circles until you explode and fall to the ground laying unconscious


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I can still beat this.. I'm just not ready to post it yet.

You just gotta suck it up man, get sued to it.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Dude that's most women that I know.I try to think of women as cats .
Just think on that one.
You spend 9 month trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to bet back in... :lol: :lol:
No seriously dude what you said is pretty normal.It happend to all men once and a while.Even with marrige it will still happen.Just smile nodd your head and say yes dear.
And allways be honest and true to the provider of the nookie.. :lol:
Don't even try to figure the oppisite sex all it will do is confuse and frustrate you.
Just smile and go with it...............


Registered Member
Allow me to lay down some permanent, never-changing ground rules.
1. The woman is always right.
2. Even if your right, the woman is always right.
3. If you don't understand what she's saying, talk more about it and allow her to elaborate further.
4. If she says anything like, "I don't have the time," or, "I'm really into my career," well sorry pal, she's lying. As a great man once said, "No woman wakes up in the morning and tells herself she doesnt want to be swept off her feet."
You just need to find your groove.
That's what I did.
And here's more news for GC.com...


Registered Member
I'm Batman said:
You spend 9 month trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to bet back in... :lol: :lol:
that is so...... true :)

and Bill

1. Fuck that!
2. Fuck that!
3. That should be happening on both sides
4. Fuck that too. If I don't get to lie, then neither does she. She gets drilled until the truth comes out. And if she can't handle it, then fuck her.

And much of what you say conflicts with what Batman says


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
You're never going to get laid with that attitude.

I'm just myself, I'm never very nice. I just strike up a conversation, and usually do a good job of the sarcasm and small jokes to get her laughing a bit and we're off. It's not about being nice, because you can be an ass but still be nice. And no, that's not a double standard.


Registered Member
Fuck that. If it takes too long to get laid, and I know it's because the girls around me are stupid and don't deserve my honesty and kindness, then I'll just start paying for it. That's what the business should be for. Not for greedy guys who could get laid on their own anyways. Legalize prostitution! but make it respectable. that's what I say! yeah....

*takes another drink*


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Vega I would change my hunting grounds if I were you. Wise man told me once
never pay for nookie ,the money you save can be used for a greater purpose. Sex is free....And seriously try the cat theroy. :D :cool:


Registered Member
girls are strange... I have had many more "Girl" friends than "girlfriends"

Alot of girls like the "bad" guys, and I really dont understand that

Some have told me I was too nice... basically, If I would have asked, I would have gotten laid... but I wanted ti be nice to these girls because I didnt want to hurt them...

Be blunt and to the point, ask her if she wants to play pac-man, tell her you want to chew on her power pellet for awhile!!
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