What the F*** is goin on here?


Hell, It's about time!
Ok so I understand the shit fight between Hoosier and Constantine

Has Hoosier stepped down too? Or am I just imagining it?


Hell, It's about time!
I suppose... I just wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining shit :wacko:

Hey how do you view the forum leaders?


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Merc/Constantine is the only one who stepped down.

Hoosier is still an admin. Seriously his name still is red I dont know where anyone got the idea he stepped down.


Hell, It's about time!
I just happened to look and Hoosiers name wasn't red... oxy confirmed it to make sure I wasn't goin crazy. But if Sen says he still is, thats cool... I was just wondering, everyone get your panties out of a bunch.


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Too much needless drama is happening now a days between members...

It's that fact that it's over stupid crap that just pisses me off aswell:mad: