What team jerseys you own?


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As the title says:

Manchester United Away (Rooney)
Manchester Home (Ronaldo)

Melbourne Victory (Archie)
Red Star Belgrade (Zigic, it's an old jersey)
Serbia (Zigic & Stankovic)
Australia (Cahill)
Arsenal (Henry)
Chelsea (Kezman, old jersey)
LA Lakers (Kobe Bryant)


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This is what I have:


-LeBron James(Clevaland Cavalier)
-Paul Pierce(Boston Celtic)
-Kobe Bryant(Lakers)
-Vince Carter(Raptors)
-Tracy McGrady(All Star East)
-Vince Carter(North Carolina Tarheels)
-LeBron James(High School)
-Michael Jordan(Wizards)
-Steve Nash(Mavericks)

-Jose Theodore(Canadiens)
-Patrick Roy(Canadiens)
-Alex Kovalev(Canadiens)

-Terrell Owens(49ers)

I believe that's all I own.
I only have two jerseys. One is a nice Ohio State Scarlet #47 jersey (A.J. Hawk). I say it's nice because it's of the higher quality with the stitched in numbers instead of just screen printed. The other is an old Cincinnati Bengals #7 jersey (Boomer Esiason) thats screen printed. I've wanted to get a nice T.J. Houshmandzadeh jersey for some time now, and I may end up doing that soon. I only wear my jerseys on game days though so I don't really wear them that often.


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Hi ya..

I have several (13) "NHL" Colorado Avalanche jerseys and (3) coaches warm up suits as well as a 97 PRO Players Jacket. I have it signed by the entire 97 Cup team and in a Plexyglass display box with a few signed pucks and my 97 playoff ticket stub.

I just recently got a piece of the Ice from The "Mighty Mac Arena" that they won their 97 cup in. (now it's gone ) they tore it down to build the Pepsi Center or as we call it "The Can"

That's all I have for sports..


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SURFER!!!! *tackles* how the hell are ya, man???

I have a Brett Hull #17 Red Wings jersey. That's it.


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I have an Ohio State home #2 jersey. It was originally for Mike Doss when I got it, but I still wear it to represent my boy Malcolm Jenkins.


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white Montreal Canadiens jersey (no name)
thats it.. t-shirts are cheaper

and i have a lot of my own hockey jerseys but i dont think theyre worth much. :confused:


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Let's see:

Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls #23)
Alonzo Mourning (Charlotte Hornets #33)
Shaquille O'neal (Orlando Magic #32)
Clyde Drexler (Portland Trailblazers #22)
Kevin Garnett (Minnesota Timberwolves #21)

Could have sworn I had Kobe Bryant jersey somewhere too but I can't seem to find it. I'm almost positive I have one though of him on the Lakers with #8 before he changed numbers.