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What Sports Do You Play?


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I don't play anything anymore, but I use to play basketball, football, and golf.


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I don't really play any sports anymore either. I used to play basketball a lot but don't have time anymore.


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I don't consider myself too athletic as far as being in shape is concerned, but I don't let that stop me from playing whatever sports I like and have the opportunity to play. I've been into Karate, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Cross-Country Running, Hockey, and Wrestling (fun kind, not competitive kind). I suppose if I wanted to and had the time/resources, I could probably pick something and get good at it, but I just enjoy playing a little of everything. My favorite sport though is hockey by far. It's exciting like no other.


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I play a little rugby at school but it's just for fun and besides the game is ruined once the teacher catches me and my friends playing(keep in mind Rugby/football is banned for dangerous reasons) but hey you only live once so sometimes we just ignore and continue playing until we get detentions.

Well thats about it.oh yeah I play a little soccer at school.:sam:hat::smokin:


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There are somethings a man must keep to himself.:sam: