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What song(s) have you been listening to alot lately?

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I was just curious to see what my fellow GF members listen to! I know myself I often play a few songs way more than any other on my winamp. For example I recently purchased the new pendulum album Immersion and I cant stop listening to the songs 'witchcraft, and watercolour'. I actually grabbed my forum name from a track on there album, bet you will never guess what song xD.

Ill post up a music video for witchcraft, I like this song because it sounds to me as it is telling a story and it really does take you away. Post up a song you really listen to a lot, and share if theres a reason why you like it so much :cool:

YouTube - Pendulum 'Witchcraft'


Problematic Shitlord
Scar Symmetry - Obscure Alliance

It makes me want to adorn my car with horns, spikes, bullets and then light it on fire as I drive it through a Twilight book signing.

In other words, EPIC.
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