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TV What shows are you currently watching?


aka ginger warlock
Well the summer months are upon us which means that most shows are taking a break between seasons and I am counting down the days until new episodes of The Big Bang Theory starts again and other shows begin, as a result I am going through some older dvd's, currently on my list are:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6
The Good Wife season 1
The West Wing season 1

And will start re-watching:

Party of Five
Gilmore Girls
The X Files


No Custom Title Exists
Big Bang Theory in Australia has finished as well, I am just waiting for the DVD to come out so I can catch up on the missed episodes.

I watch a few TV shows on Australian TV.

The Block
Top Design

Season 2 of Spirited is starting on Wednesday, so pumped for that.


Well-Known Member
It seems all the shows I was watching finished a couple weeks ago. So, watching some older stuff.

Nikita Season 1
Community Season 2
Sons of Anarchy Season 3
Blue Mountain State Season 2

And probably going to rewatch all 6 seasons of Supernatural if my housemate likes them.


Community Season 2
So many great episodes. I think it was better than season one.

Zombies, Troy's birthday, both paintball episodes, student Chang>>>mafia, Señor Chang and original paintball episode.


Most of my shows are off until Fall, currently watching...

Community Season 2 (for the 30th time)
Dexter Season 5 (second time)
Justified Season 2 (catching up)
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Sally Twit
I don't watch any new shows other than Dexter.

At the minute I am watching Scrubs Season 5. I started with Season 1 last month and want to watch them all again.


Registered Member
Watch many shows dealing with science or history. One I am a big fan of currently is Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Just finished watching Misfits waiting for season 3, currently watching Weeds as the episode come out. I'm also hoping that The Big Bang Theory gets two more seasons.


aka ginger warlock
Watch many shows dealing with science or history. One I am a big fan of currently is Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.
I acquired the first couple of episodes to see what it was like and I did find it very interesting, I think I deleted them on my pc in a mass clean up effort to save space and annoyingly that was one of the things to go but I will most likely be getting it back at some stage as I always forget when it is on Discovery.


Storage wars
Auction Hunters
American Pickers
Unsolved Mysteries
Pawn Stars
Dog The Bounty Hunter
American Restoration
That Metal Show
The Exterminators
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