what should u do if u baby` milk powder have poison?


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now in c h in a the child` milk powder have poison .
almost all the companies which product milk powder have poison in ,
our children r poisoned by these products.many r sick .
and they just say sorry to customers :shake:
what would u do if happened to u ?


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No offense, but I think the safety standards are different in the western world then they are in China. These kind of things rarely happen here in America because of FDA standards and such.


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Kazramov: Absolutely true: what you said! However, with that said, what I would do if I were in China would be to try to buy some canned milk or powdered milk and add safe water. Baby probably would not like, but if faced with starvation, he/she would take. Best, of course, would be to find a wet-nurse. We don't talk about those wet-nurses any more in polite society, but they definitely existed, and in face of starvation, I expect women would be willing to help out. Ideally, of course, we could Fed-Ex formula/milk to China.


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i know,but if it happen should the company just say sorry is ok?
and our standards never allow this things in food too.couse it just chemical thing used in industry.
and the companies all know this but they keep it as a secret.


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If it's happening like that, it's no longer just my personal concern but the government's too (public health issue). They should make an investigation about it and when found guilty, the companies shouldn't be allowed to market the products anymore (plus they have to face consequences). Meantime, I'd certainly just breastfeed my children.