TV What Should the Ending of 'Taxi' Been?


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I've always wanted this show to get a proper ending. But when I think about it, I honestly can't come up with one. We already saw what would happen if the Sunshine Cab Company would go out of business (On the Job, Parts 1 & 2).

Maybe "The Inheritance" was the perfect finale. I mean, it's an upbeat episode. We leave them all in a happy place. Latka and Simka get Jim's money and plan to start a family. Louie finally seems to realize just how much of a scum he's been, after Jeff doesn't believe that Louie would do something nice for him. Plus, Alex, Tony and Elaine are all happy with giving the money away. It's just a nice happy ending.

Plus, the episodes leading up to the end, sort of set the lives of the characters post-series in motion. Besides Bobby living in L.A., working on his acting career, Tony is getting married and about to be a father. Elaine, even finds a man she plans to be with. Even Louie finds love after his relationship with Zena has ended. Jim's rich and if memory serves me right, he owns Mario's. As already mentioned, Latka and Simka plan on starting a family. The only character that really doesn't have a story that would carry over to after the end of the show is Alex. And even that seems true to the show. Alex was always the guy giving advice to his friends. He had a life certainly, but most of the time he was just helping his friends with all of their problems. So while all the characters have things happening in their life, Alex remains what he is - the central character in the Sunshine Cab Company, and a cabbie for life.

The only thing I would change about "The Inheritance" would be Tony's scene. Yes, I love Scatman Crothers and it was a wonderful scene. However, he's a guy we've never seen before. It would be much more interesting if maybe Tony gave the money to Brian (the kid he was supposed to have adopted in season two, though we never see or hear of him again). So this would be where we find out that Tony wasn't able to adopt him. Maybe some family that's a little down on their luck had adopted Brian. So, like I say, Tony is able to help Brian out financially.

By the way, "The Inheritance" was the final episode produced. I found out recently that it wasn't the last one to air. But in my opinion is, without a doubt, the final episode of Taxi.