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What Shipping Do You Use?

What Shipping Do You Use?

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I'm curious to hear what everyone likes to use to ship or receive items!


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You can enter more than one choice, BTW!


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I wish their was a magical shipping fairy, then I'd list loads more auctions. I cannot sat it enough......"I HATE PACKING & SHIPPING"!!!!


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Me..It all depends on where the item is going..And who can get it there the cheapest!!:-o :nod: :lol:
Hey gotta save as much as I can...Need the money for paying for my auctions:D
But most of the time it's USPS..


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I voted USPS because I mainly use them. I have used FedEx and UPS as well of course, but prefer USPS.

Mainly because they deliver on Saturday without an extra fee. :)


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Ive had several problems with each of these companies except for DHL. They weren't around when I was posting eBay ads for a job. USPS seems to be the best choice even if they screw up on occassion. USPS also comes to my door if I request a pickup. Saturday deliveries are definetly a plus!

If I had an item that needed a larger box than USPS could handle I would go for UPS mainly because they run so early around here and the guy that picks up is cuter than the FedEx dude :p hehehehe


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Nightsurfer said:
Me..It all depends on where the item is going..And who can get it there the cheapest!!:-o :nod: :lol:
This is me all the way...ever since selling on eBay became a FT job for both of vs. when it used to just be a PT thing for me. I used to just use USPS & UPS. From talking with other sellers...decided by their suggestions to check out DHL Ground & FedEx Ground. I set up accounts with both of them & they are hooked up to my PayPal account. I love being able to do all my shipping online. And now that PayPal has added USPS International Airmail & Global Priority, it's even better! Used to be the only time I had to leave the house for shipping was if it was going International. I basically go by who can get it there the fastest for the best price too.

I have found that if I am shipping in-state that DHL Ground is sometimes cheaper than USPS depending on how much it weighs...and the customer gets it the next day! But that's the main reason I use DHL Ground. They've let me down on a few shipments getting them to the customer in time. They don't put a strong guarantee on delivery times for Ground.

If I am shipping International, FedEx Ground is a good one to compare to USPS rates. They are usually cheaper & get it there about the same timewise as if you sent it Airmail or Global Priority. Plus FedEx guarantees their delivery times. There were a couple shipments that got to the customer late...I called billing & they credited me for part of the shipping.

As for across the country, it's whoever can get it there for the best price with the fastest time. I think UPS Ground has become pretty much obsolete for me. I have yet to have them be cheaper than DHL Ground or FedEx Ground when I check rate quotes. So I guess I'm a USPS-FedEx-DHL shipper.


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When I was a seller I used USPS priority mail. The items I sold were lite, USPS provides the boxes, tape and delivery confirmation FOC

I also prefer to have shipped to me via USPS cause UPS doesn't delivery up here. Instead they call us and leave it at a quick mart six miles away. Post office will at least get it to the mail box and that's only 1.2 miles :)