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What religions have you experienced?


For a Free Scotland
What world religions have you interacted with in some way: by being to a service, reading holy literature, or otherwise?

I've been a Buddhist service, a Protestant service (several denominations- Episcopalian, Methodist, and Presbyterian), a Jewish service and a seder, a Unitarian Universalist service. I've read large parts of the Old and New Testament, as well as the beginning of the Qu'ran. Also, I've read about 3/4s of the Bhavagad Gita, a Hindu holy text and part of a larger Sanskrit collection of holy work. And of course, I've been a protest outside a Scientology temple. :)


Registered Member
I was raised Protestant (Regular Baptist), and have gone to a couple Catholic services. I guess having read the whole Bible means I've basically also read the Jewish scriptures. I've also gone to a few other protestant denomination's services, but most were pretty similar to Regular Baptist


I've read some chapters from Q'uran but mostly have I earned from some Muslim friends. Other than that I haven't been interested in reading anything more about any religion, except for what I've heard from people or read on the internet.


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I was raised as a non-denominational, and am now, unfortuantely, a struggling Baptist. I am a 17 year-old junior.:stare:


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The main religions which i follow are Christianity first, and Buddhism second. I have read much of the Bible, and discovered God on taking holy communion in my local hospitals chapel. I have also read Buddhist scriptures by Edward Conze, as a nominal introduction to the Buddhist way. I have also spent one session praying with some muslims, led by an iman, in my local universities multi faith centre. I have also visited a Hindu temple on a few occasions. Thats it!


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I have attended Catholic, various Protestant services, and Jewish services, but most services I have attended were Mormon services.


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I was raised Christian, and became atheist aged eight. I've not really had much experience with any other religions - I've known some very religious people in the past, but all have been Christian.


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None actually. Sometimes I wonder what all I have been missing.


I am the woolrus
I grew up in a very small, rural Irish village. My mother used to bring us along to the catholic masses purely to try to fit in originally, especially as we were an English, single parent family. Two things that are not well received in old Ireland!

I was also subjected to catholicism in school constantly, and i think the whole experience really put me off religion as a whole. I've always had somewhat of a problem with authority, ever since i was little, and i really hated how the priest's word was pretty much the be all and end all in the village, especially when he was wrong... When the teachers were pretty much bullying me in school, when i was like 10 years old (because of the englishness and the single parent family) we went to the priest to see if he could have a word (cus the church still technically runs all the schools here). He sided with the teachers, we had a big blow up argument with the priest, and we were pretty much shunned from the village.

The whole experience left a pretty bad taste in my mouth as regards the church!