What religion?


Oh, poppycock.
Simple question, well it could be. What are your religious beliefs?

I'm Catholic with a few additions and subtractions.

What I mean is not just your religion, but your personal beliefs. Do you disagree with some of the things your religion tells you?
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My religious beliefs are non-existant. I don't follow or even like religion, but I don't hold it against those that do in the slightest.

My 'personal beliefs' are also pretty non-existant :lol: My view is that I don't know and I may never know, so anything beyond that is just speculation. I havn't ruled out a 'creator', in fact I think its pretty possible.
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I'm agnostic. I don't personally believe in a God, but I'm not saying there isn't one out there. And like Rebeccaa said I don't hold it against someone if they are religious.

I've always kind of wanted to be part of a religion and to truly believe, it seems to give a lot of people hope and strength, but I just can't do it somehow.


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I'm muslim
God is here and there, he is watching, judging in the after life, hell or heaven, angels are obeying god and acting as he wish, etc...


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I am a Christian who believes that the Bible is the Word of God. The part where most people get caught up is that they get too stuck on the written words verbatim, words written by men and not God, and things get lost in the translations. However, there is much to be found personally in between the lines or in these stories themselves rather. Something rather unique and special. The best way I can explain how I view the Bible is that I can get caught up in the text just by opening it and reading it. No other book can do that for me. I believe in Jesus Christ and believe that Jesus was all God and all Man, hence why I believe other religions acknowledge his existence but not that he was the son of God. And then there is the fact that other religions acknowledge his existence at all to let me know this was one popular guy, as he should be, being the mediator between man and God and all.


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I'm non-religious. Or agnostic, if you prefer. I realize the benefit that religion has, i.e. the teaching of good morals, but I myself do not choose to adhere to any specific religion. I say agnostic because the existence of God has always been something of a philosophical puzzle to me, which I don't believe that can be solved concretely except when I die.


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I don't wanna get tied up in terminology so if this is wrong I don't care: I'm agnostic leaning to atheist.
I'll easily believe in a god if he appeared in front of me and proved he was god/God, which I doubt's gonna happen anytime soon..