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what relatively obscure/role players do you/did you like?



I was a big fan of Bobby Jackson back in his heyday with the Kings. There was something about him that was just dynamic. I currently am a big Sasha Pavlovic fan, as the Cavs are my team. I love watching this dude play. He just knows what to do, and is the perfect role player. Other role players I like include the following:

-Jamal Crawford
-Devin Harris
-Jason Kapono
-Raja Bell

What do you guys think??


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would have to go with Jose Calderon, he's a very good back up point guard to T.J Ford, and if Ford is injured he can always start. He could easily be a starting point guard for a lot of teams in this league. He's also a true point guard pass first shoot second, and he plays decent defense. I also like Wllie Green from the 76ers, he could easily get 18+ ppg if he got more minutes, yes sometimes he's very inconsistent, but I would love him on my team.
Yeah Devin Harris!!!!!
I liked him since his rookie season. The type of player that I want to become, a slashing speedy pointguard.

I also like Luther Head. A great sharpshooter of the bench. He's becoming more of a pointguard. Hopefully he can become a Sam Cassell type of guy. Someone who began as a comboguard and then converted to become a pointguard.