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What Printer and/or Scanner Do You Use?


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I have an all-in-one which is fantastic. It's an HP LaserJet 3015 and works just fine for my needs. I've had it for a year now with absolutely no problems and got tons more pages out of the toner cartridge than expected. I've tried to buy HP printers everytime I upgrade my printer, but went through a period where I didn't print a lot and so I just used a low cost Lexmark inkjet. That was a dark time :) but now I'm back in the light of HP hehehe

Seriously, I used to have to repair and clean printers and scanners at work and I soon began to really appreciate the quality of HP printers/scanners versus the competition. Great workmanship, a solid feel to them, and they don't have paper jams nearly as often as any other brand I've had to put up with in a workplace.


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I don't have a printer, but my scanner is really nice. It's a clear see-through scanner that comes appart. It's HP too. I can lay it on anything I want and scan it in, including wallpaper (haven't needed to, but technically I could hold it on a wall and scan the wall lol), books, etc. Anything that is flat.

It was like $300 but it has been worth every penny so far.


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I have an All-In-One too. Mine's a Lexmark X1185. I don't know about other brands such as HP or anything, cuz I've never used them. Before this one we had a regular Lexmark printer, but wanted to upgrade to an All-In-One.

Knock on wood, I've NEVER had any problems with this one or the previous printer. I'd say probably go thru an ink cartridge about once every 2 months. I don't think that's too bad considering considering this printer gets used on a daily basis. The scanning, copying, & faxing on this one have worked everytime too.


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I've had a lot of bad experiences with Lexmark, so I'm glad your's is working fine, Julie. My old Lexmark inkjet worked fine but drank ink like a vampire. In the office I worked in, they switched from HP to Lexmark as part of their deal with Dell, and everyone was moaning and groaning (not in a good way ;) ) about the decline in performance and reliability within a month. Maybe we just didn't have the type of printer for the kind of heavy use we put it to, but it seemed like no one was happy with the switch. I guess once you've had HP, it's hard to settle for less (no, an HP salesperson did not pay me to say that, but I'm open to offers :D )