What players have stood out...


Sultan of Swat
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Alright it's been a few weeks that the College Football season as started, I was wondering why players have stood out for you? Good or bad, by bad I mean someone that you expected to have a great year but has done nothing as of yet.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Tate Forcier, QB at Michigan - He's looked pretty damn good for a true freshman QB even though his last couple games haven't been as good.

AJ Green, WR at Georgia - The guy is a stud. Period. Only a sophomore, but best receiver in college football.

Scott Tolzien, QB at Wisconsin - Doesn't put up huge numbers, but is an efficient passer. Badger's offense should be dangerous next year.

Ryan Williams, RB at Virginia Tech - Just a freshman. Through 6 games he has over 700 yards rushing and 9 touchdowns and averages close to 6 ypc.

Terrelle Pryor, QB at Ohio State - He hasn't been a bad player by any means, but he hasn't exactly lived up to all the hype he gets. His passing is terrible at times, and he tends to shy away from contact, which he shouldn't be doing with his size.

Juice Williams, QB at Illinois - Seems to have gotten worse every year since leading the Illini to the Rose Bowl a couple years ago.

Jevan Snead - QB at Ole Miss - Supposed to be one of the top QB's in the NFL Draft next year, but he's been totally unimpressive.