What places would you like to visit?


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What places would like to visit? whether they are in the same country or abroad.

I have three places i want visit

I want to Kenya, go on a safari there. It's something i've wanted to do for a number of years.

Brazil, I'm going there late in july, i've been wanting to go since my teens and i cannot believe i'm finally going.

I also want to see the inside of a volcano. Don't ask me why, guess i'm just curious to see what it's like. Don't know if this one will ever happen though.
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Inside of a volcano? Whaaattt? If they can guarantee to me that it won't erupt, maybe lol

Australia and Africa. Nothing in South America has caught my eye but maybe. I've been all over Europe already so I could pass on that again.


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I want to visit Ireland, maybe find a relative there. I want to go to Egypt (I haven't been to any country in Africa). Actually I like to go to countries I haven't been to (assuming it's safe to travel there). I just love traveling and exploring new places. I would like to visit the cities where my fave GF friends live, for the travel fun of it and to meet them.


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I love places that are full of natural beautiful.
A few that I would love to see are the Serengeti in Tanzania,ayres rock would be another destination for me.
I would love to go to Halong bay in Vietnam,it looks amazing in the photo's I have seen.


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I want to go to England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and Japan.
The embolden countries are places I've already been to and would love to go back to see again.


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I do love Los Angeles, when i went there... When i saw LA...I just have fallen in love with this city... And the similar city i think is Amsterdam... i don't know why but I think that Amsterdam is very similar to Los Angeles... that's why i would like to see Amsterdam also... as soon as possible.. i hope


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i would love to travel the world
my first picks would be (in no particular order)

but like i said, i would eventually love to see everywhere!


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There are five places that I would love to someday visit:

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Seoul, South Korea
3. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Stockholm, Sweden
5. Gothenburg, Sweden