"What" people

This could probably go under pet peeve, but I think it warrants a full discussion.

To let you know what I'm talking about I'll give an example. His name is Kyousuke Kawachi, and he is the fictional character that brought the problem to my attention. He is a "what" man. Whenever his partner comes up with a new, unconventional idea, he spends all his time questioning it. Not to further understanding mind you. But because he apparently can't handle the idea of cooking bread differently than normal. Even knowing that his partner is a prodigy in the field, every twist is met with him yelling something like "What do you mean" or "What was that?". He's a reactionary individual, and never innovates, even in his chosen field. Since then I have met other people like this to varying degrees. I understand that new things can be odd, and confusing, but there's a limit to everything. The fact that someone can draw should not be met with responses like "How does he do that?!?" ad nauseum as if the artist is using some sort of witchcraft. Sure, praise his accomplishments. But asking what becomes a hindrance after a point. No longer an attempt to understand, but rather a twisted method to cope.

Again, this is not me saying there's a problem with saying what. Perhaps you misheard, or maybe you need further explanation. It's when "what" becomes a default reaction that it gets to be a problem.


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But . . . what IS a default reaction.

I guess I'm not entirely getting what is bugging you. I think I see it, but I'm not too sure.
But . . . what IS a default reaction.
So it's a very big problem. Doesn't change it though.

I guess I'm not entirely getting what is bugging you. I think I see it, but I'm not too sure.
It's that kind of reactionary life. The difference in outlook.

He, try this for an example.

Say aliens make contact on earth. This is well documented on the
There's a good way to use what here: "What are they here for?"
and a bad way: "What?" meaning nothing. They just can't handle that statement right now.

Now, this is obviously extreme. Let's dial it back to more mundane things. Like America converts to metric system, or a new cost efficient car that gets 300 miles to the gallon. A common reaction is What? as the person needs time to properly process this. I feel that already, they have made a mistake. That a reaction, even if hastily formed, should work towards better understanding of a subject. Better, if the person thinks of ways to use the new found knowledge rather than simply follow with it.