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PC Games What PC games do you currently play?


New Member
Well, naturally an extreme gamer like myself would be intrigued about Doom, Half Life or may Unreal Tournament. I would enquire that everyone play M.U.G.E.N.: The Best PC 2D Fighting of "ALL TIME"!!! YAH!!!


Registered Member
I like RTS games on PC. Wait- I like Blizzard RTS games on PC. Starcraft, Warcraft 3 are both good titles.

I also enjoy Sim City, Jedi Knight series, and Dungeon Siege.


Registered Member
Currently I am playing Fallout (1), as I carnt run anything else. I went to put my computer project together, but when I went to put the videocard in I noticed something wrong. Summat very wrong. The card wasn't PCI-express like I thought it was, it was an AGP card. So naturally it wouldn't fit. And I carnt afford to buy a new card, I carnt return it and I certainly can't run the computer without any videocard. It is actually cheaper to just buy another mobo that has AGP slots on it, even though the mobo I have now is brand new. *sigh*

Still, you can appreciate the oldies better when you only have an old computer, Fallout is a really fun game, always worth going back to.


Registered Member
sell it on ebay if cant be returned

also, im playing all of the pc games. lol, jk i just got GUN though, its awesome, as well as counter strike and now flatout, this is a truly great game.


Registered Member
I don't play many games on my computer. Not recently anyways. But I have played MYST and enjoyed that game. I've also played Sim City and Dino Park Tycoon (actually a kid's game but pretty addicting). Oh, and then there is You Don't Know Jack. Unfortunately, I've lost one of the 2 disks needed to play so I can't play it anymore. But that game was awesome and had attitude.


New Member
I used to play Midtown Maddness all the time but then got into roller coaster tycoon. That game is so awsome I have played it for several hours!


Registered Member
Been trying to sell the AGP videocard on eBay, I had the best listing on there. And I put both “6800GT” and “6800 GT”, so no matter how you spell it, you always end up looking at my 7 day listing. But someone else has joined in, spelling it both ways too! How dare they! So I lowered my price slightly, so it is cheaper than that listing. Exactly one cent cheaper, to be exact. HA! Take that pcmeal!


Registered User
I have played Myst also, great game, but currently I play Civ III, Battlefield 2, counter strike Source, DoD Source, Warcraft III. but i don't have much time to play online as you can see.


Registered Member
Speaking of Civ, has anyone here got Civ IV? I have only heard good things about it, I wont start a new thread about it because I don't actually own it... yet.

What PC game am I playing now? Well I just finished Fallout, so I have moved on to Half-Life 1. This machine can JUST run it : )


New Member
PC games...hmmm...I used to be much more of a PC gamer, but I have been wrapped up in consoles of late. I have had my spurts, mostly real time strategy games, like Empire Earth, Age of Empires, Red Alert 2, Warcraft III. I have tried a couple of fps's like Farcry, Dues Ex 2, and Jedi Knight. I'm not very consistent, I usually don't play many games, but when I do I play them to death.

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