What part of American government needs changing?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Kazmarov, Jan 16, 2007.


What part of the government needs reform?

  1. Healthcare

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  2. Social Security

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  3. Taxation

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  4. Church/State Seperation

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  5. Representation/voting systems

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  6. Defense Spending

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  7. Justice/Habeus Corpus

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  8. Other

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  1. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Well, what part of American government needs reform and change the most urgently?

    I'd say healthcare. Forty-five million Americans don't have it, and HMOs and expensive prescription drugs are making it costly and hindering the middle-class's ability to contribute to society. Currently there is legislation being considered to lower drug prices, but the long term answer lies in a switch to a socialized healthcare system.

  2. Mecha

    Mecha Guest

    Two problems with this poll: Lack of an "Other" option, and I think Electoral College reform should be broadened to elections/representative apportionment. Oh, and Corruption/Rule of Law is another major problem.

    I'd vote for elections/representative apportionment. The two party system and the problems with elections (jerrymandering, election tampering) nonsense needs to be eliminated.

  3. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    I answered seperation of church and state only because it's hampering issues and definitely will continue to unless we finally show religion the door . . . at least out of the government.
  4. indieinmich

    indieinmich Guest

    I voted other because there was no all of the above choice.
    I feel our government needs an extreme makeover,top to bottom.
    Someone call the exterminator we have an infestation!Lets all just pray that the foundation and bones are still sound.
    Seriously people need affordable health care.
    SS needs to go.Its a joke and I am paying into something I nor my family will ever likely benefit from.
    Taxation.We can start by getting rid of the unconstitutional income federal income tax.
    Separation of church and state.This is of less importance right this second.But this should always be maintained.
    Representation/voting.voting should always be done by hand on paper.Electronic voting is to easily hacked and manipulated.Also this little voting glitch that won G.W. Bush his first election,where in Gore won the so called popular vote and Bush received the electoral vote,needs to be fixed.I believe it to be unnecessary and out dated.And last I would love to see some real people running for office.I am tired of the two puppets being offered to me .I dont know about you guys but I have a hard relating to puppets and I am not so sure that they can accurately represent me.Some of these third and fourth parties started by people that live in our days and understand the needs of our times.People just like you and me.
    Defense Spending.Cut it.And I dont mean cut it from our troops.I mean cut it from our contracts with evil corporations.Lets start with Haliburton.They have gotten much to much of our money for some of the Bull sh*t services they provide.
    Justice/HabeuCorpus.We have non violent drug offenders doing ten to twenty on a distribution conviction.Murders getting fifteen and out on
    parole.You can molest the neighbor and get counseling and probation.You can be innocent and still be executed.Once again I think the bones are fine its just this huge thing that has grown around it that needs to be remodeled.
  5. shookem

    shookem Guest

    I really like the way the American government is set up, no one has too much power.

    I guess maybe making the Senate a little more useful would be a good start.
  6. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Apparently you believe we're still Montesquieu's ideal. The executive branch has far too much power, which is impeding government transparency. The solution? Parliamentary democracy.
  7. CMK_Eagle

    CMK_Eagle Registered Member

    IMO the solution is for Congress to defend its Constitutional perogatives as jealously as the President.
  8. Mecha

    Mecha Guest

    The problem with the other branches having to defend their turfs against the President constantly is that the President has vast resources, while the other branches are split and slow. When as soon as the SCOTUS says one thing, the Executive has simply sidestepped, or ignored it, which leaves only impeachment as a check, which would only cause massive problems of its own. Constitutional Crisis, and more.

    Parliamentary democracy is the only real solution, along with a strong package of election reform.

  9. The Abyss

    The Abyss Guest

    A better voting system.

    Nowadays, you have corrupt counters (I.E. Florida 200), a voting technology revolution, and we just need a simple way, where all of our votes are counted by a fool-proof machine.

    Of course, this could end up taking a while
  10. Corona

    Corona Registered Member

    Social Security; kill it.

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