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What other forums do you use?


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Let's see...

Retro Junkie
Wizard board (comic dealers board)
Skater cafe
totally 80's
Down hillbillies
Carolina surf rider
Toy Talk
Atomic toy box
Halloween haunts
Smoke fee

Those are the main ones I go to besides here and FB
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At the moment, just GF.

I used to go to ReHorror and OnyxDomain... but they have either been shut down or got taken over by morons.


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I am on 3 other forums, but I'm not naming them. I used to frequent MyDeathSpace, but I forgot my damn password and user name, so I haven't went back to try correcting it.


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I like to use Steam forums because I'm always encountering problems with launching some Windows Live games.


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I'm registered on these forums:

NCAA Utopia - This is where I go for college football discussion. I've been a member there for over eight years, though I hardly ever post anymore. It's where I first played Mafia before introducing it to GF a few years ago.

Whiteblaze - My primary forum for hiking. I rarely post, but it's a great place to go for equipment reviews or information about certain trails.

Bungie.net - I never post and only visit once every few weeks to see what all the kids are complaining about for Halo.

MLG - Another forum I go to for Halo stuff, but this one is more for the competitive crowd. MLG is a pro gaming league.

Here are some other forums I use occasionally but I'm not registered on:

SummitPost - Hiking/climbing site. I mostly go there to get information on various mountains (it has separate pages for most climbable mountains in the world), but sometimes read the forums.

Backpacker - Occasionally go there for trail info.

GameFAQs - I only go there if I'm looking for something specific about a game.


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I lurk at LHJ and check PMs but I'm only active here at GF. Besides this forum, my computer use is an occassional google search, email, craigslist, yahoo for games and groups, schools, FB, library, and the bank. Amazingly that keeps me busy.


Well since I work in retail i post on the following forum sites. . . . . . .


I also post on the following forum sites. . . . . . .