What 'Modes' do you have?


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Most people will say they have "2 modes ______ and _________ ."

What are your two modes?

I have 2 modes, awesome and awesomer.

Yes it is possible.


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I have uber evil mode (i put it on during rep wars but im too lazy to change it back)
And normal mode (refers back to human-ish avvy.)


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I have more modes than I could possibly describe. I am almost chamelion-like and act my desired parts with relish. Some of these are:

The consumate diplomat
The kind stranger
The class clown
The philosopher
The Boss
The teacher
The student
The rascal
The shrewd political analyst


In essence I portray myself however I am moved to at a given moment.


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I have several modes

The lazy mode (self-explanatory)
The I'm-going-to-plan-to-do-this-but-not-actually-do-it mode (This is when I plan to do something, but end up either forgetting about it, or reverting to lazy mode when the time comes)
The I'm-actually-going-to-do-this-now mode (When I plan to do something and don't revert to lazy mode)
The fake techie mode (When I try to understand why somethings going wrong with my computer, but in fact haven't the faintest idea)
The beginner techie mode (When basic computer problems arise that I can fix)
The hyper mode (When what seems to be left of my ADHD kicks in and makes me bounce around the room)
I've come back to this thread several times already, and I guess, if I had to pick two it would be,

Competitive-(Not copying Echoes) my Strengths Finder lists this as one my top 3 strengths.
Restless-...I always have to be doing something.