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What meat would you not eat


Registered Member
Have you ever eaten a hot dog? ;)
Ignorance is bliss. If I don't think about it, I don't have to acknowledge that what I'm eating might be gross.

It's hard to do that if what I'm eating looks like an eyeball.


Sally Twit
Chicken, beef, duck, pork and lamb are the only meats I will eat. I would never try dog or something insane like that.


It's not me, it's you.
There's not many that I wouldn't eat. I don't really care for the animal organs I have tried, so I would probably not even try any additional ones. I wouldn't eat anything that you would find at a pet store (like Snap said), and I boycott veal because I detest the way the calf is treated to make it's meat tender.


Registered Member
It's easier for me to answer what meat I will eat~
Chicken and beef.
I do not like any kind of seafood.....don't like venison, hate pork.....and I'm not willing to experiment with snake, rabbit, donkey, buffalo..and whatever else is out there.


I doubt there are many types of meats that I wouldn't try at least once. I'd probably pass on human though, I think. Haha. I guess it depends on how hungry I am. Ha.

I will try my best to avoid eyes, tongues & balls though.


Registered Member
I'm pretty picky about what I eat lol I won't eat anything that sounds or looks gross lol I don't eat organ type meats or anything like that.

Just give me beef..chicken..pork ... venison..seafood...that type stuff lol