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What matters?

What matters?

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Sultan of Swat
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Got this from another forum and found it very interesting. I believe it could generate some great discussion. I couldn't add everything, so if you vote for that, please state so in your reply.

What do you feel for? What would you act to defend or promote? How inclusive are your interests? What is valuable?

Leave unchecked any category you have no faith in, anything unworthy of your attention, hopeless, or unimportant.

Check any category that you ordinarily would kill or die for or work your whole life to protect or encourage if the gains were significant.

Note that a vote for Everything is not the same as a vote for everything on this list. One might have faith that somehow things will work out and are meaningful while considering some of the things on the list ruined or ruinous. Think of an Everything vote as something like the world is unfolding as it should, and I am a part of that.
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I feel very selfish in my answers, but when I reach down inside of me for truth I must answer:

#1 Me (safety)
#2 Family members/children, with children (if I had any) being most important.

As for the rest I did not select,

My lover - I have known none who would feel this way for me in the end, so why should I feel this for them?

My Friends /Pets - again, they have come and gone over small petty things.

My Neighbors / (local culture/community) / My People - I can not say I would with honesty put my life on the line for any of this.

My Nation - As much as I love my nation for its past, it does very little to promote females like me now and is not very gender friendly in the ways of careers, pay or opportunity. So I can not say I would defend it for what it is today.

Human Race - For all the good there is in humans, there is 2X that in bad... I can not support or promote many things about the human race other than the fact we are adaptable and able to change in heart and mind.


yellow 4!
I checked myself and everyone close to me. Everyone who I love, basically. I almost didn't check 'friends/pets', but there are one or two that mean a hell of a lot to me, so it's an all or nothing situation there.

I also checked 'the human race' instead of neighbours, my people, or my nation, because I like to see humans as a whole, and not split up into smaller 'common interest' groups. For example, an English person means as much to me as a French person, despite the fact that I am English myself. I do have at least enough faith in humanity for it to matter to me on the whole.
Hold up, I took the third one to mean a long-term partner or something, but on second thoughts, that is most likely not what you meant haha.
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Haters gonna hate.
Like Ilus, I care for myself first, with those closest to me right there.

It only makes the most sense.


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I checked me, family, friends, and human race.
1. I did not check lover(s) cause I dont really think I have any. Just sex.
2. I did not check neighbor(s) cause we dont have very many and I really dont like them that much.
3. I did not check people (race, religion, culture) cause that always conflicts with people (human race). Also, I think "my people" causes too many probs and too many wars.
4. I did not check my nation. I love my country but I think "country" conflicts with "human race".

People are doing big downs about the wars, pollution, poverty, and greed. I think the human race (and the world) is about to change and that matters a LOT to me. I wanna be a part of helping to make the world a better place for everybody and do whatever I can to help that happen.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I picked everything but my race/culture. Obviously my family matters, a future wife matters, friends matter, and the human race matter. If it's someone I know personally I'd like to think they matter. I put nation too because I do care about America. I care about all nations, however.


Me and my family members safety! Those are the things I care mostly about.


Registered Member
I picked me, family, friends, and the human race. But I guess human race would have covered it lol. The order I chose in said a bit about me. I would strive to protect my world first, then everyone else. Is that selfish or natural?


Registered Member
This is indeed a very good topic.
My answers will differ somewhat from the rest of y'all.
I answer with..my family first.
Of course for me, that means my children and my grandchildren, for I no longer have my Mother or my Dad or my real Dad, no Aunts or Uncles.....no close family members left, except for the ones that came from me!
I guess you could say I am the head of the family now....*ugh*...I don't like that.
For I will be getting no more grandbabies...but that is k...9 is enough for me!
Anyway, family is a definite for me, I would risk my own life for any one of them.
My friends also mean a lot to me.....there are a great many things I would do to save them if I could, should they be in life or death situations.
Some of my friends have remained close to me for the past several years, and at times, there are things that have taken place in my life, that if it weren't for the friends by my side, I may not have made it thru.
My nation....I love my country. The United States Of America is a beautiful place to live, to work, to vacation...to be a citizen of.....I wouldn't have that any other way.
And I chose the human race....because that to me means just about everybody..my fellow man, my neighbor....the guy at the local food store who helps the needy when they don't know it's him..the heroes who go unrecognized.....there are a lot of good people in the world, we just don't get to see them all....because of all the bad and negativity that is shown.
I DID NOT choose my race/culture......we are all created the same.
I DID NOT choose my neighbors, because I fit them in with the human race....besides, some of my neighbors are a nusiance.
I DID NOT choose my lover...I have no one, but even if I did, I don't think he would be first *ha*
I DID NOT choose myself.
Great thread topic Miillz~
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not a plastic bag
I went with God(other)>Family>Country>Myself>Human Race in that order.

Things like pets and culture are irrelevant to me in the large scope of things.
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