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What makes you feel old?


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I am turning 21 soon and way far behind the latest trends that are happening out there because I still prefer old style music, old style clothes, etc. So, when I hear kids talking, they have the weirdest slangs.


Problematic Shitlord
21? Old? HA.

I'm 27 and I still don't consider myself old. I may not be up to the absolute latest trends, but what kind of things make me feel old? How about the Matrix being 15 years old? Playing Gameboy and being blown away by the graphics? Shit like that.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Your no where's near old, neither one of you.

I haven't understood slang from day one, not all of it anyway. Some people every other word out of their mouth is slang, I don't see how you would ever understand that.

If someone ever starts calling me grandma that is when I will feel old.haha


I'm serious
In Afrikaans, we have this thing where kids call adults "aunt" or "uncle", even if they are no relation to you. It's a respect thing. So when a 20 year old calls me "aunt", I feel really old. I usually ask them to call me by name, but I can't change a tradition.

Also, my age makes me feel old. :lol:


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I will turn 35 this year and it is not often that I feel old.

The only times that I really feel old is when the other girls at work have a birthday, On friday one of the girls celebrated her 19th birthday and it made me realise that I am over 15years older than her.


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I was born feeling old. I swear I'm not kidding. I was always an old soul in a young body in my childhood and teens, and it was only in adulthood that I finally felt like a boy... pretending to be a man. I just can't win. :D

That thing of feeling like a man child didn't last long though. I soon went back to feeling like I was a hundred years old, and wishing I wasn't permanently out of step with those younger than me. Whenever some go getting youth talks about the gazillion million things they've achieved before they got weaned off of mummy's breasty milk, I get lethargic and depressed.



Registered Member
Apart from my body being in a constant state of pain that someone my age shouldn't be in, not much.
I realise that I'm not getting any younger, but some things do remind me of the years past, such as the new Turtles movie coming out this year, I was already ten when that franchise began.

The way I see it is my body and mind may be getting on in years,but having kids has helped me capture some of that childlike innocence again.
I mean I have a legitimate reason to buy toys now,like the new supersoaker I have on order,is it for the kids,hell no that's for an awesome water fight battle we grown ups have planned.

I guess if I had choose something that makes me feel old, it would be my eldest daughter moving out of our place and into a place with her boyfriend, I don't get to see her everyday anymore because she grown up and started her own life, still not sure how that happened.


Registered Member
I don't feel that old, mainly because I am 27 going on 7. Very occasionally though I will be reminded of how old a song or movie actually is, and that will make me feel a bit old. Or when a youngster doesn't know who someone that I think is quite famous/well-known is.

I work with children, so get to play a lot of the day, but I felt really old when I realised that children I looked after 9/10 years ago are now teenagers at secondary school.


Embrace the Suck
Let's see, a pretty young woman in the building asking me "excuse me sir, can you tell me what time it is?" waking up with pains in my back and my knees, playing one-on-one with my 22 year old nephew and struggling, realizing Van Halen's album 1984 was released 30 years ago, going to my high school reunion back in the Fall, seeing a little grey hair on the sides of my head (I'm going to start looking like Reed Richards) amongst a host of other things.


Registered Member
Anybody here that is 50 and over have a right to feel old...
This is considered middle aged and this is the true beginning of the end..

You start to really feel all kinds of aches and pains..
Your body seems to want to rest more often or for a longer of amount of time..
You probably to start going to a doctor a little more often..

Your senses may be changing a little by now...etc etc
So I would say if you are still in your 20's and 30's and you're feeling old
when you really are old things are going to be a whole lot worse for you.:nod: