What makes a noob?


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In your opinion, when is a noob no longer considered a noob? I don't know exactly how long this particular forum has been operating, but with member's that have known each other for years from assorted places, being here only a month or two makes you pretty new.

So is it the time length? How many posts and how active they are? How involved they get in other aspects of the forum (chat, poker, etc)? When do you no longer consider someone new to the forum?


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I don't know when exactly when you stop being a noob. I know that I'm still a noob. I guess when I get all the inside jokes that go on around here and get a little more rep that I'm not a noob anymore.


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I think once somebody hits around 500 posts or has been around for at least two months. Basically once you become a recognized "face", if you will. It all depends too. Playing the mafia games, survivor, poker, or just generally getting involved with the community will speed up the noob phase. I think it depends a lot on how active the person is during their first few months.

This forum has been operating in some form since 2000 or so. Nobody here except for me and one guy I know who comes and goes has been posting that long though.

And btw kiwi I wouldn't consider you a noob. :)


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You stop being a noob when everyone knows who you are and you have contributed a lot, you stop being a noob when your post count goes over 100 and when you have friends that you enjoy talking to, you sort of get the feel for how different people are and get to know some people more than just their username.

For me when I think that I stopped being a noob was when I broke my first arcade high score.

Another way to look at not being a noob anymore would be how long you have been on the forums, I have been on the forums for 8 months and I think that I stopped being a noob at about the 2 week marker.

When you become a regular who has at least 100 posts then I'd say that you are no longer a noob.


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I sort of agree with Hybrix. For be people stop being noobs when they stop asking questions that can be considered common sense and defined as "stupid and pointless" This can be done through experience or just general knowledge of forums


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Given that we're talking about noobs rather than newbies, it depends.

Noobs tend to not mesh well culturally into the forum. They break rules even after having been around for a while, they don't understand the concept of authority, and they're not polite to others, particularly older members. Some people enter GF only as newbies. They understand the rules but simply haven't posted that much or for that great a length of time. Others are noobs for a long period of time--I think Alex holds the record for being a noob at about a year and over 1,000 posts. It depends when people 'get it' so to say.

If anyone remembers shawnesty23, he's an example of a noob that never became an un-noob.

To answer the question directly, when your behavior on the forum becomes similar to established members.


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thats a tough question
maybe at a certain level
or when someone comes
to you with a question bout the site
and you know exactly what your talkin bout


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Interesting question. I only have 178 posts here but yet I don't feel like one. Of course I don't get all the inside jokes that go on around but I do feel very comfortable and enjoy being here. I know I don't post a lot, but I do read up.
I'd also say this is one of the friendlier forums I've been on, where people are not acting like trolls, fight just to fight, and are real.


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To determine how much of a noob someone is (or 'n00b' for people whose native language is 1337), you simply take how new they are, and multiply it by how much they suck squared.
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