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What makes a great bar?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Here are a few things on top of my head.

- It has long time bartenders, who work regular shifts. They know you, greet you by name, and know your drink.

- Drinks & draft beer are always served in a glass and never in a plastic cup.

-Lots of televisions for sporting events.

-Microbrews, and not just the more common ones.

-Few pool tables.

That's it for now, I'll give you guys a chance to answer for yourself.


-Great music;
-Lots of interesting people to meet;
-Somewhat luxurious and a comfortable place to stay in;
-Lots of various and tasty drinks;
-Full of photographs around.


still nobody's bitch
My favorite bar has exposed brick walls, tile floor, and a stamped-tin ceiling, so it feels very cozy. They play great music - classic rock with lots of deep cuts - but not too loud. They have dozens of beers, most of them local brews, and they mix a good drink. Enough TVs to show whatever sporting event you might want to watch. A really good menu, and it's never too loud in there to carry on a conversation.


Creeping On You
I prefer a bar where the music isn't too loud, so you can have a conversation, but loud enough you can hear it. It's gotta be something decent too. Classic songs that most people know. Makes it easier to sing drunken along with.

The bar needs to have all the drinks available. I went to a bar once, and most of the unique shots and drinks that we asked for, they couldn't make. It was retarded.

As far as decor goes, meh. I'm not really that particular.


I'm serious
I love my local bar. And here's why. The people. Everyone knows your name (Cheers lol). The bartenders do know you and your drink. The owners are everyone's friends. It's an Irish pub. I met some of my best friends in the US there and through them I met my guy. They play all the big games for soccer and I believe when the Rugby World Cup starts, they will be showing those games as well. They have a soccer team and cricket team (F.U.C.T - Finn's United Cricket Team). It's more of a community than it is a bar.

I heart Finn McCools!!


aka ginger warlock
See for me there is no one type of great pub. I visit quite a few different places on a night out and they all have their own aspects. One pub is quiet, chilled out and serves real ale, another is quite a trendy wine bar where you can meet a lot of musicians and another is a combination of the two but if I had to pick my absolute favorite it would be:

* No tvs, if you want to watch tv, watch it at home
* Real ales, I have no problem with lager but I do think some real ales are needed
* Decent bar snacks
* A beer garden you can retire to in the summer
* A heated smoking area where you can smoke
* Quietish music so you can have a conversation

Reading back on that I sound so old....


New Member
For me its who runs the place, the music, the people and TV's for sport, if all are good I will stay till I drop.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This is a good question. I suppose for me it would be a place where you could play pool or darts or something along those lines but also has good food and plenty of televisions to watch.

I also like a place where the music isn't too loud. Having music on is great but if I can't hear myself talk then I'm not liking that. Typically bars only play rap crap music and I can't stand it so it would be nice if there was a nice mix but most places never play music that I like anyway so I've come accustomed to that.

Also, I don't dance and you can't make me dance. So we'll keep that outta it too.


Son of Liberty
I also like a place where the music isn't too loud. Having music on is great but if I can't hear myself talk then I'm not liking that.

Kim and I have been to a few instances where the bar had a Live band playing. And its really unfortunate because the Live Bands tend to always be waaaay to loud, so loud to the point of being painfully loud.

For that reason, I'd definitely say that the sound pollution is a huge thing for me.

Although I'm not a bar person... I like the idea of a quiet, dark, small room bar. Maybe a single tv at the end of the room that has hardly any sound on. No jukeboxes or other radios playing... just the personal experience of a bar.

oh and Peanuts... gotta have them Bar Peanuts.