TV What makes a good show??


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I was wondering what are the things that make you addicted to a show?? For example is it: Characters you can love, Witty jokes, Hilarious storylines ect..


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Establishing Great Characters and Chemistry is my #1 thing.

after that its just the ability for the show to Grow the characters in a way I can appreciate.


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I have fall in love with at least one of the major characters. That means good acting plus great script. I also like when the lines are witty you want to pause sometimes and note them. I don't like when there are too many unnecessary scenes that seem to be added to drag or make the series longer than it should be.


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I like shows that are somewhat philosophical like House or Without a Trace. Also, of course, good acting and an interesting plot. Oh, and there should be at least one overwhelmingly good looking woman.


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Shows that keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.


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Drama shows have to be able to mix in humor and vise versa. It has to be well written and acted. I think that comedies and cartoons can get away with a weaker plotline but I see continuity as being very important.