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Movies What makes a good romance?


aka ginger warlock
There is no end to Romantic films in the world of cinema, go into your local Blockbuster or log into Netflix and there will be more films than most people would ever watch but the biggest of them all seems to be the Rom-Com, there seems to be no end of titles you can watch (a lot of which involve Hugh Grant) and most of them I would consider to be horrible, a lot seem to have contrived stories, bad scripts and impossible situations.

That being said there are some that I do enjoy. I did enjoy the likes of About a Boy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Jersey Girl and 500 Days (of summer). For me romantic films are at their best when they break conventions and do something you wouldn't expect. When the films do not try to force a story or pretend that everything is wonderful or going to work out and finding some stories where they are honest I find to be very refreshing.

But this is of course all my opinion, what is your take in Romantic films? What makes you wish to watch them and which stand out as the best for you?


yellow 4!
I've never been a fan of romantic films.. not even romantic comedies. None of my top 10 movies are of the romance genre, in fact, I can't even think of any that I would ever want to watch again.

I don't mind at all if films have an element of romance in them, the majority of them do, but I don't like it as the main theme. I find it kind of boring and sometimes very cringey. I'm sure there are some great movies out there but I have not seem them, or I am forgetting something.

Actually, I just remembered I watched the Phantom of the Opera at my Nan's the other week and liked it, even though a fair amount of the plot is based on 2 romances. I love the twisted-love storyline and the tragedy of it. I think that's what makes a romantic film good. When it's not the main plot.... or.... when it's really interesting and some kind of twist to it. I do like happy endings, just not when it's all sappy and unrealistic.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I love romance, its such a turn on. Like when the man takes you in his arms, gives you a passionate kiss, tells you he loves you and you mean the world to him or your all that. You cuddle up to him and say or do things to make him really feel like a man. Makes for good sex but I don't like romantic movies. Not when its the whole theme of the movie.
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It's all about chemistry. If they don't have it, the film is almost always a train wreck.

Standout romantic movies for me...

(500) Days of Summer
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Friends With Benefits
The Five-Year Engagement
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Wedding Crashers