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What makes a good poster?


Sally Twit
In your personal opinion, what makes a good poster? Meaning, posting on a forum. Not a Movie poster.

I think being able to reply to a variety of different forums. Not the entire forum as I don't do that myself. But for example, if you only posted in the Sports forum then I'd never notice you. It's happened in the past. Someone was nominated for MotM and I had no clue who they were because they only posted in that section.

I also like it when people put a bit of themselves in to serious posts they make. For example, certain people like to joke in serious posts before they give their answer. I like that. Because it means they're being themselves.


Registered Member
Basically, being open-minded enough to discuss things without flaming or trolling. I know some topics will piss people off and they'll respond accordingly, just hopefully they're open to explanation.

Also, (and I know not everyone cares about this) having good spelling and grammar skills. Enough to where I can at least understand what you're saying would be nice. I post in the same way that I speak, because I value clear communication.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I agree with Star. Someone who can express their ideas or even arguments without having to resort to flame/bait tactics. Someone who is open to learning and also sharing his knowledge. Someone who puts effort in his replies (doesn't reply for the sake of replying or obviously just out of boredom).

I think even if a poster just posts in a certain forum, I could still find him good. It's just that the person is less exposed to general membership. Posting in a variety of forums (and making sense) does show versatility and they make interesting posters for me.


Registered Member
Being able to express strong opinion eloquently, display their personality, be consistent, not make excuses, not get defensive, and stand behind what they say. I admire those that can defuse others that are upset. Or calm down those that pick on others because they don't like what they say.


Problematic Shitlord
Two things that come to mind immediately when I think of great posters:

An individual - We all have friends and we all have loyalties but I think something that has become somewhat rare these days are individuals. Basically, they are people who can speak their mind and not have it completely swayed by friends, they're able to still remain themselves and avoid peer pressure. This also encourages a true uniqueness in posting and ideas.

A good sense of humor - We have strange concepts of jokes around here and an even broader range of it. From dark to Disney, if a poster can't tolerate a joke, they're not liable to last long. Also, plenty of us are able to joke, but some have problems taking them, too. You have to be ready to receive if you're ready to pass.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'd say two main things, in my opinion. These are just my initial reactions.

Attitude - This is the foundation for me. Not post count, not long posts, etc. Someone that has a good attitude (with qualities including, but not limited to: kindness, integrity, sense of humor, patience) really stands out as a good poster to me.

Variety - I really admire the people around here that post in a variety of sections, with deep and insightful posts in each. They keep the forum going and they come across as well-rounded people and posters.


Someone who:
- raises good points/argument, in almost every discussion;
- tries to be objective;
- makes the difference between a joke and a serious talk and also finds the right time/moment to come up with either;
- never fears to speak their mind and stick to what they believe in;
- posts in varieties parts of the forum and not just in one section;
- is overall active, easy-going, enjoyable and not presumptuous.


In need of Entertainment
A good poster is one who knows how to express themselves well, puts over their ideas in a simple non compliocated response, and respects other people's opinions in any given thread (i.e poo-pooing someone's post just because they don't agree with them).


Registered Member
Someone who knows about the subject that they are posting about, and is able to talk with people about it and see their side of the argument, perhaps changing their mind.


Registered Member
There's a few things I think makes a good poster.

Honesty. I like reading posts by people that know what they think and say it. I mean, it's normal for someone to learn something new that changes how they think. But I def dont like when someone either tries to agree (or disagree) with everybody. I dont agree with my friends all the time but we're def still friends. Everyone has a right to have their own opinions. :nod:

Intelligence. Everyone knows something so anyone can contribute to a thread. But a good poster is one that only joins threads they know something about. I always quit posting in a thread when I dont think I have anything else I can add or debate.

Coolness. I def like posters that dont get set off when someone disagrees with them. Discussions are usually important (especially in MD) but I think it's important to know when to chill.

Humor. A little humor always makes threads more fun. :D