What made you choose your watch


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Hi all

I was wondering what made you choose your watch? Do you have more than one watch? What is the most you have ever paid for a watch.

I choose my watch because I liked the brand and the fact I never have to wind it or buy batteries for it ever again.

I have 6 watches, 3 are Seiko watches 2 chronograph and one Perpetual motion, one is an Armitron (Perpetual Motion Watch) this is my main watch, One Fossil (Batman Watch), a stainless steel Spider man watch, and a Stainless Steel Punisher watch. The last three were gifts from family and friends.

The most I have ever spent on a watch was $550.00 and it was for my Seiko Perpetual motion watch (But well worth it) I mainly wear this one as a dress watch or wear it on special occasions.

I also have 2 classic pocket watches.

So what watches do you have and what made you choose them? What is the most you have ever paid for one?
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I don't really wear watches as I find it useless because I've always got my phone with me, but when I used to wear a watch, it was those plastic ones where you press the button and the green light comes up, fun times.


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I picked mine out at Wal-mart. It was $30 bucks. I like digital as opposed to analog watches. This time tho after going thru about 4 watches in 4 years, I finally got one with a nylon strap. The previous watches all had plastic straps and they would not stop breaking. I was tired of getting new watches all the time because I couldn't wear them due to the broken strap. I figured nylon won't break.

I really see no point in getting a super expensive watch when the one I have tells the same time for $100 bucks cheaper :)
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I don't wear watches and the last time I bought one, it was a Swatch (plastic) watch because I loved the strap design. Now, people just give me watches and they get stored in my jewelry box. I own several and I use them for special occasions as an accessory, than a need.

If someone would ask me what I would buy though, if I had to buy one, I need the watch to be water resistant and have a date/day feature. No digital watch. I like the old way of telling time. I have no clue what is a reasonable price for informal watches. I wouldn't spend a fortune on one, for sure.


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I dont wear watches anymore, because I use my cell phone, but when I didn't have cell I use to wear one. I just look at them and if I find them nice than I'll buy it.

Now I bought them from a watch stand at a local mall, it was about 12$ after taxes.


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My watch was $318, it's a Nixon, titanium coated, with a diamond. I love it to pieces, its a gorgeous watch. I chose it because it has great style and durability. I'm really happy with it.

Edit: however, the watch I wear most cost me $2 in a grocery store, its clear plastic with neon-coloured hippos all over it.
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Mine is a Kahuna, i bought it because the backlight on my old one fucked up on my digital watch so i bought a ticking one; it's actually a kids size because i have slender wrists :/

Can't remember how much it was.


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I wear a solid silver watch which I acquired for my eighteenth birthday.

The most I've ever paid for a watch was £200 when I was fifteen, it was a pretty awesome watch but I only had it for about six months as I broke it!!


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I prefer Guess watches even though it's a pain in the ass to get them repaired because you have to send them back to the manufacturer and I prefer the chronograph men watches with multidials on them and they must be water resistant.


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I used to have this Fossil watch, it was quite possibly the benchmark for my exact favorite style of watch. Unfortunately over the years of wearing day in and day out it took a beating. Worst part was I just lost it when my family moved, so its not like it even got a chance to just up and die with me.

Since then I've owned a few more watches. My standard is basically, nothing to clunky; I cant stand the watches that make me feel like I'm wearing a wall clock on my wrist. It has to fit; cant stand a watch that moves on my wrist, it has to be able to stay put without cutting circulation off to my hand. NO GOLD!; I hate gold, Silver or White gold are the only colors for me when it comes to Jewelry. And then finally the face plate..... My favorite one was blue, it was a beautiful blue however since then I've had Grey and Black ones... still the blue was my favorite though.

Also... no digital wrist watches, that just seems lazy and redundant. If I wanted a digital watch I'd just glance at my phone.