What languages do you speak?


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Well English obviously (although my grammar is sometimes not great:lick:) French, my mother tongue and Spanish.

I'm planning to start sign language at some point next year, for work purposes and I'm trying to learn some mandarin with a book at home, but tell you what! It's far from a done deal :D


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I speak Arabic ( My native language ), English and a little bit French.

I hope I'll improve myself in French and learn Italian language.


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I speak in dialect, I know how to speak in our national language, and official languages (which includes English). I would also like to learn how to speak in German and Latin.


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I only speak English. I took Chinese (Mandarin) for a little while as a kid, and two years of HS Spanish, but I'm bad at foreign languages, and not very motivated.


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I speak fluently in English, Maltese and Italian. But I also know how to speak in French and I know a couple of words in spanish! :)


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I'm fluent in Norwegian (first language) and English. I speak Dutch fairly well (after two years in Flanders it would be a shame not to). I also speak German and Italian on a very basic level.

And, as most Norwegians, I speak a little bit of Swedish and Danish as well.


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Right now I'm keeping busy trying to teach myself Spanish. I took two years of Spanish in high school, but I barely remembered anything. I know how to say random things in Latvian. After I'm fluent in Spanish, I agreed to try to learn German with my husband. So unfortunately, if I want to learn more Latvian, I'm going to be waiting quite a long time! :p

If anyone is trying to learn a language, I like using the program Anki for making flashcards on the computer. The program is free. You can even add photos or sound clips to your cards if you want (I haven't yet). It's kind of embarrassing how giddy I am about a silly computer program, haha! :)