What languages do you speak?


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i can understand and read spanish but my vocabulary without it in front of me sucks so i don't really speak it well.


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I took enough Spanish in high school and college that I could probably get by in a Spanish speaking country if I needed to...I'm far from bilingual however.


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French, English, Tagalog, German (school level, which means almost forgotten)


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I was born a French Canadian so french is my first language, then I learned english in school all my life. Those are the only two languages I can speak. I also don't see myself learning another one anytime soon.


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I forgot to mention that I know snippets of other languages. For instance, I can call someone a whore in Spanish, ask for [insert number] beers in German, and count to ten (and other martial art related lingo) in Japanese.

Basically, the important stuff.


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I speak Finnish (mother tongue), English (fluent), Swedish (good), German (poor) and French (basics). I used to know German better but because I didn't use it I can't say that I understand that well anymore.
Oh, and at the moment I'm learning Hindi too so basics of that. :)
My native language is german. I have English at school since ~6 years, Italian since 2 years but I'm really bad in it.
I'd like to learn Swedisch, because I've some relatives living there.. and it's a quite cool country :)