What languages do you speak?

Discussion in 'Foreign Languages' started by Vidic15, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Vidic15

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    I speak two while the other two I am not really fluent at but I do know some words, I can speak Serbian which is my first language and English which is my second as the the languages that I am not so fluent in, it's Italian & Greek, which I was forced to take classes in school. I was meant to have Italian classes for this year's electives, but they cancelled it, thank god.

  2. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    I really wish I could speak more than one language. They made us 'learn' french and german in school but I never took much notice. So now I'm attempting to learn Italian, and its going pretty good...
  3. Kriistineeee

    Kriistineeee Registered Member


    all in school.
  4. Lemonv1

    Lemonv1 Registered Member

    I can only speak English, which isn't really THAT limiting seeing as Britain, the USA, Australia, etc all speak it.
    However, I would like to learn another language. As said in another thread, Swedish. Maybe Japanese too..
  5. Greywolf

    Greywolf Registered Member

    So far, I can only speak English an Spanish... Some Japanese is thrown in there too...
  6. Kite

    Kite Registered Member

    I speak English obviously, enough Spanish that I could happily live there, I wouldn't say I was fluent, but I'm not far from it when I think hard enough. In theory I speak passable French but I haven't used it in years so whether I do is another matter. And beginners Japanese. I went to a language college i had no choice but to take a zillion languages.
  7. DLFerguson

    DLFerguson Registered Member

    My first girlfriend was Hispanic and she taught me Spanish

    I used to speak Hebrew pretty good as I took it up as a language in Junior High and High School. And for five years I worked at Seward Park High School in Manhattan which is 80% Asian and I picked up a considerable amount of Mandarin.

    However since I've had no reason to use any of these languages in recent years I've pretty much forgotten how to speak them. Curiously enough I can still understand them when spoken.
  8. wooly

    wooly I am the woolrus

    English, very basic French and basic Irish (which is completely and utterly useless)
  9. Harmony

    Harmony Registered Member

    I only speak English. And some might say not very well. ;) I'd love to be able to speak Swedish though, since my boyfriend is Swedish...
  10. snowflake

    snowflake Registered Member

    English and French at school. Then i did a Spanish course a couple of years ago. It was just basic Spanish though.

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