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What languages do you speak?

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This is a wiki article on Latin. This is the pig latin article. Pig Latin isn't so much a language, as it is completely understandable to any speaker of english who knows the rules. Latin, however, is a language of its own. Parts of Latin can be understood by speakers of many languages because the words they understand were taken from Latin.


The Mercenary said:
Espanol no es dificil, pero, la gramatica esta loca (probably butchered that sentence, but damnit I'm in no spanish mood)
I´m guessing here, since I don´t speak/read spanish.."spanish is not difficult, but the grammar is crazy" - duno if that was correct translatet - lol

but apart from my lack of knowledge in spanish/french/italian languages, I do speak a few others: Danish (my native language), swedish fluently, english and german (near fluent).
I am also able to read some Dutch - at least enough to get a general idea of what it says.


I know English, Deutsch (german, dummscheisse), and I am starting to learn Japanese.


fluently I speak Khmer and English. I also know bits and pieces of french from my middle school and high school years and little phrases of japanese from watching to many subs.