What language did you learn in HS?


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In school, what foreign languages were you taught? Would you say that you can speak it well?

My high school offered us the option between Spanish and French. I found the woman that taught French to be an unbearable human being, so I went for the Spanish.

I remember my entire schooling being completely plagued by Spanish. The language simply did not make any sense to me and none of the teachers seemed to be able to help me. I took Spanish 1 in 8th grade and did fairly well. Nothing else about Spanish would feel easy in the coming years though.

By the time I got to my Freshman year in High School, I had to take Spanish 2, that class was a nightmare. I remember how the teacher (who grew up in Spain btw) couldn't understand how we couldn't speak the language as she could when she was our age. It was the ultimate logic fail. There was a student in the class that had lived in Colombia for several years that barely even passed the class (I myself passed by less than 1/2 of 1%). We would always joke that the tests in this class felt as if they were in a combination of German and Japanese :lol:.

Spanish 3 was my last attempt at Spanish. It was sad because the teacher would ask me a question in front of the whole class. I would have no idea what she had asked so I'd just stare at her with a dumbfounded expression. Once, she actually laughed at me in front of the whole class.

I just don't understand Spanish. :lol:


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I took French for three years in middle school and then the first two years in high school. My school offered French, Spanish, Latin, and maybe German, too. I think I chose French because that's what everyone in my family had taken, but also most of my friends were taking French as well.

I was pretty good at it early on, but stopped taking the work seriously once I got to high school. I did terrible in French 3 my sophomore year and only passed the class because I cheated on the final exam. I have since forgotten most of what I learned.


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English and French.

How well did I do? Since I write English here all the time, you can see the results. I'd say, though, that I read and write English better than I speak it. In the final exam, I made a B.

My French is not as good as my English, and I guess I speak better than I write. In the oral exam, I made 14 out of 15 points, though ... but I guess that was not entirely fair, because my teacher seemed to be in love with me. ;) Anyway, although I make a load of mistakes in French, I speak it well enough to make myself understood in France.

Later, in college, I took a semester of Polish. One semester hardly covers the very basics, so I basically don't speak it at all, just recognize a few words. Damn, that's a complicated language. Extremely difficult grammar.

I'd say for a German native speaker, English is easier than French and much easier than Polish.


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I had to pick between Spanish or French. I went with Spanish and had a weird way of doing it, because I was in another state for a few years where foreign languages were not required.

It was required when I came back to New York so at one point I ended up taking both the first year and second year, which was the requirement at the same time. I took the the first as a class and learned the second on my own. Then when finals came I just took the tests for both and walked out with a ~77. I've since forgotten most of it, sadly. I was probably a sophomore at the time and I was taking it with 7th and 8th graders, their immaturity made me a very irritated person, I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone else.

I was hoping to take German all throughout high school but it wasn't offered in my location, which really sucked for me, and I've only somewhat recently started picking it up.


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I went to a Catholic school that offered Spanish, French, and Latin. I didn't hesitate to take Latin and I loved every minute of it.


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We had a choice of French, German and Spanish. I chose French, it just appealed more to me than the other 2. I studied it for all the 5 years of secondary school, and I would say I was an average speaker. I was slightly better at the written work.

When I was learning it, I wasn't too bad at it. I left school 11 years ago, and I have not needed to speak French since so I am very rusty. I can remember a few words and phrases, and I think I remember enough to use one of those books you take on holiday. But I am even worse than average these days, so would need a lot of practice to get back to the level I was at when I was at school.


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Latin for 2 years and then French for 2 years. Of course I ended up fluent in neither, but to this day the 2 years of Latin helps me know and understand the origin of many words, prefixes & suffixes used in the English language.


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I can't help but notice there are so many more options in schools outside of the US and there is more of an emphasis on learning different languages. Unfortunately in the US our public school system is a massive failure for so many reasons, but that is the subject of another thread.

I took Spanish because the only real options were Spanish and French and the French teacher was horrible. I figured it would be easy since I already spoke Spanish and it could help me expand my vocabulary. It was pretty easy and I did learn some in that class, so overall is was a good experience.