What knowledge do you pursue?


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One of my promises to myself is to have a study in my future home and I have to ask you GF, what sort of knowledge would you pursue if you had your own study and endless expenses to fill it with?

I've always wanted to study more entomology (study of insects), sociology, and psychology. I've also had a recent hankering for some world history that isn't US history.



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I would go with psychology, I like to see how people act to different things and see how the mind works.
Architecture (though I'd focus more on European styles), World History (more to see connections than events), and fashion. Other stuff might come up that I'd study for short bursts, or languages that I'd like to learn, but those are the three I'd be willing to pursue on long terms that I can think of.


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I forgot to add medicine. I'd love to teach myself more about anatomy, disease, and human illness and that's not because of any specific TV show.


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Constitutional Law. I do a lot of studying on the subject now in my spare time and consider myself well versed in the topic. Particularly the first 3 articles of the Constitution and the first 10 Amendments to the Bill of Rights.


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Science & SOSE mostly, I've got knowledge about sports but I guess that doesn't count.


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I'd like to be well rounded in biology and chemistry. It's just empowering to know how the natural world works.

Knowing a bit of law would be nice too.
mmmm , me ..
let me imagine :) ,

may be psychology like you to can understand myself and others ,
also modern physics to be Einestain ;)
and may be medicine to know what's going on inside me ;)

thanks a lot